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   1.IBM BCRS Cloud - virtualized server recovery (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 This is the data sheet for IBM BCRS Cloud - virtualized server recovery. 
Marketing Materials|BUD03042USEN| Modified: 2014-04-29
   2.IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services - IT recovery (Data Sheet) 
 IT Recovery offers comprehensive, flexible recovery options tailored to meet your specific technical and business requirements. IBM can provide a wide range of solutions, from simple hardware replacement to highly complex recovery environments. 
Marketing Materials|BUD03018USEN| Modified: 2010-09-23
   3.IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services (Data Sheet) - BUD03041USEN 
 This is the external data sheet for the BCRS Service - IBM Infrastructure Recovery Services. 
Marketing Materials|BUD03041USEN| Modified: 2010-09-06