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IBM System z literature

This solution brief provides an overview of the capabilities and value proposition of IBM Spectrum Scale for Linux on z Systems. It highlights the specifics in regard to functionality, supported storage and workloads of the first

February 2015 | PDF | 841 KB
IBM z/OS Management Facility is a new product for z/OS that provides support for a modern, Web-browser based management console for z/OS.

February 2015 | PDF | 370 KB
The IBM zEnterprise Smarter Analytics for Retail solution enables the IT infrastructure retailers can use to create a common view of the customer. By consolidating data warehouses and data marts, this solution improves IT efficiency and speeds development...

January 2015 | PDF | 710 KB
This is a 2 page Solution Brief on WebSphere Liberty zOS Connect

January 2015 | PDF | 493 KB
This is a short brief on Mobile Solution Kit for IBM z Systems

January 2015 | PDF | 505 KB
This is a 3 page Solution Brief about Driving Customer Interactions with IBM’s Next Best Action Solution on zEnterprise.

July 2014 | PDF | 455 KB
A Brief overview of Enterprise Cloud System

May 2014 | PDF | 560 KB
SAP is a prominent application environment in the market trend. Linux on System z together with z/OS provide a strong SAP environment, based on the world-class connectivity, virtualization, reliability, availability and security capabilities.

March 2014 | PDF | 421 KB
The IBM Enterprise Linux Server is designed from the ground up for enterprise-class workloads, can help on lower software license costs, can secure data from the growing threats und helps to use less of the environmental resources.

February 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
A Linux-ready infrastructure solution helping to master IT complexity. It combines the IBM System z, the z/VM virtualization and virtualization management IBM Wave for z/VM technologies with pricing that accelerates ROI for Linux workloads, including ...

February 2014 | PDF | 803 KB
Designed specifically for customers running business-critical SAP solutions on the IBM zEnterprise platform with IBM DB2 for z/OS database, the IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP solutions on zEnterprise automates many of the administrative tasks ...

January 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
IBM Tivoli storage management for z/OS solutions integrate into your z/OS-based environment to provide you with the tools you need to manage today’s rapidly growing volume of data, improve performance and availability, streamline data migration, and help ...

November 2013 | PDF | 1 MB
The Enterprise Key Management Pillar-Advanced Crypto Services Provider (EKMP-ACSP) from IBM helps address the growing need for hardware-based cryptographic services by enabling applications in distributed environments to access IBM System z crypto ...

October 2013 | PDF | 730 KB
The Enterprise Key Management Pillar-Crypto Analytics Tool from IBM provides System z users tools to manage crypto systems. EKMP-CAT provides fast and reliable crypto information to help staff throughout the organization make qualified decisions about ...

October 2013 | PDF | 731 KB
This brief on print and output management from z/OS focuses on Infoprint Server for z/OS and its associated transform products. Print and output on z/OS has the value of: versatility for business growth, high availability, centralization and automation to...

September 2013 | PDF | 104 KB
The Enterprise Linux Server for Analytics – database and analytics processing in a single, fully integrated footprint. Now your business can truly be information-driven.

July 2013 | PDF | 237 KB
The IBM Curam Solution for Care Management on zEnterprise is an integrated solution that offers a proven set of business tools and processes that are designed specifically for the effective management of health and social programs.

July 2013 | PDF | 711 KB
The IBM Signature Solution - anti-fraud, waste and abuse for tax is a comprehensive, integrated solution designed to improve auditor productivity and increase tax revenues. It helps optimize audit resources, reduce revenue losses and lower investigative ...

July 2013 | PDF | 752 KB
The IBM zEnterprise Smarter Analytics for banking solution helps you develop an integrated financial crime reduction platform using a variety of technologies. It also includes sophisticated, predictive analytics to detect and often prevent suspicious ...

July 2013 | PDF | 730 KB
To help balance the need for cost-effective data storage with the demand for quick access, IBM and SAP have developed the High Performance Near-Line Storage solution, based on IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS, an appliance that helps accelerate data...

June 2013 | PDF | 870 KB

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