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IBM z Systems literature

The IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS product and RACF security server infrastructure creates a layered defense by requiring selected z/OS users to log on with multiple authentication factors.

April 2016 | PDF | 209 KB
IBM Global Financing and lifecycle offerings for IBM z Systems infrastructure solutions.

March 2016 | PDF | 563 KB
This brief on print and output management from z/OS focuses on Infoprint Server for z/OS and its associated transform products. Print and output on z/OS has the value of: versatility for business growth, high availability, centralization and automation to...

January 2016 | PDF | 104 KB
The zPDT technology can enable a virtual System z architecture environment that allows mainframe operating systems (such as z/OS), middleware and SW to run unaltered on x86-compatible platforms.

January 2016 | PDF | 91 KB
This solution brief provides an overview of the capabilities and value proposition of IBM Spectrum Scale for Linux on z Systems. It highlights the specifics in regard to functionality, supported storage and workloads of the first

November 2015 | PDF | 751 KB
SAP is a prominent application environment in the market trend. Linux on System z together with z/OS provide a strong SAP environment, based on the world-class connectivity, virtualization, reliability, availability and security capabilities.

October 2015 | PDF | 363 KB
This DevOps solutions for Linux on z Systems brief explains how IBM supports an open ecosystem, that gives clients a software delivery capability that is open by design and integrated to speed innovation across platforms and operating systems.

August 2015 | PDF | 270 KB
The LinuxONE platform provides unparalleled enterprise qualities of service. The vertical scale architecture makes LinuxONE the most efficient and cost-effective cloud platform for database workloads.

August 2015 | PDF | 193 KB
The LinuxONE platform provides unparalleled enterprise qualities of service. The vertical scale architecture makes LinuxONE the most efficient and cost-effective cloud platform for database workloads.

August 2015 | PDF | 235 KB
LinuxONE Solution Brief

August 2015 | PDF | 895 KB
This Analytics solutions for Linux on LinuxONE brief explains how IBM provides high performing Business Intelligence and reporting, ability to gain insights on Big Data and with Next Generation Database.

August 2015 | PDF | 187 KB
Zementis for IBM z Systems: An intetegrated analytics deployment and scoring capability for organizations managing data and transactions with IBM z Systems.

July 2015 | PDF | 2 MB
IBM z13 has a number of characteristics that make it a strong platform for running SAP workloads, including improved system performance, new features designed specifically with SAP workloads in mind, and the ability to handle modern SAP workloads like ...

April 2015 | PDF | 401 KB
IBM z/OS Management Facility is a new product for z/OS that provides support for a modern, Web-browser based management console for z/OS.

February 2015 | PDF | 370 KB
The IBM zEnterprise Smarter Analytics for Retail solution enables the IT infrastructure retailers can use to create a common view of the customer. By consolidating data warehouses and data marts, this solution improves IT efficiency and speeds development...

January 2015 | PDF | 710 KB
This is a 2 page Solution Brief on WebSphere Liberty zOS Connect

January 2015 | PDF | 493 KB
This is a short brief on Mobile Solution Kit for IBM z Systems

January 2015 | PDF | 505 KB
This is a 3 page Solution Brief about Driving Customer Interactions with IBM’s Next Best Action Solution on zEnterprise.

July 2014 | PDF | 455 KB
Designed specifically for customers running business-critical SAP solutions on the IBM zEnterprise platform with IBM DB2 for z/OS database, the IBM Entry Cloud Configuration for SAP solutions on zEnterprise automates many of the administrative tasks ...

January 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
The Enterprise Key Management Pillar-Advanced Crypto Services Provider (EKMP-ACSP) from IBM helps address the growing need for hardware-based cryptographic services by enabling applications in distributed environments to access IBM System z crypto ...

October 2013 | PDF | 

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