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The following resources provide information about products, services and solutions from IBM and our alliance partners.

IBM and Cisco helped organizations use groundbreaking technologies to connect people and share critical data across their businesses. The alliance offers industry-specific expertise and cutting-edge solutions based on competencies in technology ...

August 2014 | PDF | 3 MB
IBM and Cisco offer complementary solutions that enable mobile collaboration and Bring-Your-Own-Device strategies. Combining Cisco network products with IBM expertise, services and technology, these network-focused solutions prepare clients to securely ...

May 2014 | PDF | 676 KB
IBM and Cisco can help with solutions that make waiting times easier, allow customers to bank while they wait, improve your ability to deal with busy periods, and enable you to provide a better service to your most important clients.

May 2014 | PDF | 932 KB
IBM and Cisco can help with solutions that serve as a platform for wireless assisted learning while also catering for significant educational concerns such as campus safety and security, student infotainment, and universal connectivity.

May 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
IBM and Cisco can help with solutions that allow you to enhance customer service, keep customers in store for longer, reduce queuing times, deliver more targeted promotions, and make inventory management easier.

May 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
IBM and Cisco can offer solutions that help you locate healthcare experts and assets more quickly and efficiently, improve consultant collaboration and bedside care, and create an environment where patients, staff, and visitors can all enjoy secure ...

May 2014 | PDF | 734 KB
When it comes to comprehensive, integrated prescriptions for improving both the technical and business components of the healthcare industry, IBM and Cisco are specialists - acknowledged leaders in information and network technology.

May 2013 | PDF | 1 MB
Each of the IBM and Cisco Next Generation Connected Retail solutions begins with the retail foundational offerings. The solutions connect all channels, people, and devices in the retail enterprise

January 2012 | PDF | 743 KB
Government agencies face two apparently irreconcilable demands: ensure public safety in a time of unprecedented security challenges, and do it without increased expenditures. Cisco and IBM are acknowledged industry leaders in public safety and offer ...

January 2012 | PDF | 1 MB

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