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   1.IBM and Cerner: Integrated healthcare management solutions (Solution brief-USEN) 
 Solutions for healthcare providers from IBM and Cerner help create greater collaboration and integration as well as better decision making through improved information sharing. 
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   2.Financing Solutions for the Healthcare Industry (Solution brief-USEN) 
 IBM Global Financing is a proven and stable IT financing provider in the healthcare industry that can support your ongoing business requirements. 
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   3.Robust and efficient VNA medical archiving solution from IBM and TeraMedica 
 A combined IBM and TeraMedica solution addresses data storage and usage needs in demanding healthcare environments with capabilities for the complete collection, use and archiving of digital records and clinical workflows with information sharing across ... 
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   4.Mobility and desktop virtualization solutions for healthcare organizations 
 Mobility and desktop virtualization solutions for healthcare organizations provide a wide range of services to assess, plan and implement a desktop virtualization infrastructure on premise or delivered remotely through cloud computing. 
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