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   1.The IBM Social Program Integrity Framework 
 The IBM Social Program Integrity framework utilizes a variety ofanalytics tools and technologies, analytical models and techniquesto help you manage improper payments that are due to ambiguousidentities and suspicious relationships as well as those that are the resultof inaccurate info 
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   2.Social Program Management 
 Deliver services more efficiently and effectively and improve outcomes for citizens 
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   3.Service Delivery Model 
 This IBM solution helps clients develop the necessary business models to support their service delivery strategy. It is a strategic top-down approach that offers a clear end-state operating model and identifies what business components and service capabilities are required to achieve it. 
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   4.Service Delivery Channel Assessment 
 This IBM Solution uses the Channel Capabilities Maturity (CCM) Framework to help clients evaluate service channels and prioritize service delivery investments. It focuses on improving service outcomes, prioritizing capabilities, and provides a tool to monitor ongoing progress. 
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   5.Social Services Business Process Management for SOA Implementation Planning. 
 SOA is an IT architectural style and business approach that allows a client's business to be structured as connected, repeatable tasks. SOA helps create "composite" applications that draw on services from inside and outside the enterprise, creating far more horizontal business processes. 
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   6.Strategic Capability Workshop 
 IBM has developed an analytic framework to solve the myriad of business challenges that social enterprises face across an array of programs and services. This workshop uses the framework to help clients focus on their business challenges and the capabilities they need to address them. 
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   7.Software Package Assessment and Selection 
 This IBM solution provides the framework to help social enterprises replace or enhance their CRM and/or Integrated Content Management Systems. It focuses on the business drivers and technical requirements to help them make the investment decisions that support their optimization goals. 
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