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   1.Integrated service management for energy and utilities Solution brief (S) - USEN 
 Integrated Service Management for Energy and Utilities provides foundational capabilities of visibility, control, and automation that help utilities manage intelligent meter networks, mitigate security risk, and optimize work and asset lifecycle management. 
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   2.Utility enterprise data management from IBM and SAP Solution brief (S) - USEN 
 Managing data and SAP applications more effectively can help utilities provide better services to customers. Utility enterprise data management for E&U from IBM and SAP can enhance the reliability and availability of core utility operations, improving serviceability and responsiveness. 
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   3.Deploy and manage smart meters with work and asset management (Solution brief-USEN) 
 IBM Maximo for Utilities delivers greater visibility, control and automation over smart meter deployments, empowering utilities personnel to manage all assets—including smart meters—from a central location in order to improve operational efficiency and quality of service. 
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