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   1.Integrated service management for energy and utilities Solution brief (S) - USEN 
 Integrated Service Management for Energy and Utilities provides foundational capabilities of visibility, control, and automation that help utilities manage intelligent meter networks, mitigate security risk, and optimize work and asset lifecycle management. 
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   2.Smart metering and beyond from IBM Solution brief (S) - USEN 
 Smart meters automate data collection and link your network for substantial savings and better energy management. With technology and capabilities to implement advanced meters, the solution provides usage information throughout your enterprise to improve network operations. 
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   3.Distribution grid analytics (Solution brief-USEN) 
 The distribution grid analytics solution from IBM includes a grid model and device management solution to help utilities optimize ongoing capital expenditures, reduce operating costs, make their grids more efficient and locate faults more quickly. 
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   4.Meter and device data management for energy and utilities from IBM 
 The meter and device data management solution for energy and utilities from IBM can manage virtually every aspect of smart meter and device data management, from customer energy consumption data to regulatory compliance requirements. 
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