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   1.IBM SmartCloud Service Delivery for electronics 
 IBM SmartCloud Service Delivery for electronics provides access to a fully integrated and scalable cloud-based platform that helps client rapidly respond to market changes, drive innovation and differentiate their enterprise while supporting bottom-line ... 
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   2.Product development collaboration for electronics (Solution brief-USEN) 
 The electronics industry is increasingly complex. Compressed lifecycles and competition are squeezing already-tight profit margins. Collaborative product development tools offer you the ability to improve product quality, accelerate product development ... 
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   3.Model driven systems development for electronics (Solution brief-USEN) 
 Complexity in the electronics industry is growing. This creates challenges for managing systems development on even basic projects. But a model-driven approach and tools to facilitate increased design team agility and coordination make it possible to ... 
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   4.Software development for electronics (Solution brief-USEN) 
 Innovation in the electronics industry today is increasingly driven by the software embedded within devices and systems. To remain competitive, electronics companies need to find new efficiencies in engineering design and software development processes. 
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   5.Requirements management for electronics (Solution brief-USEN) 
 Escalating complexity is the norm for the electronics industry. And continually shrinking product life cycles force product and service innovation faster than ever and at lower cost. Improved requirements management offers an opportunity to overcome these... 
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   6.Innovation and intellectual property management solutions 
 IBM Electronics Industry Solutions–innovation and intellectual property solutions combine advanced tools, leading IP management practices and a more flexible web-enabled software platform to help you plan and manage an IP strategy for competitive ... 
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   7.IBM Rational Solution for Medical Devices 
 The IBM Rational Solutions for Medical Devices helps development teams focus on engineering device systems and embedded software with support for safety, reliability and security analysis, mapping to CMMI maturity levels and supporting medical standards ... 
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