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   1.IBM Quality Early Warning System - Transform your quality management with the latest innovations in analytics 
 The IBM Quality Early Warning System is designed to provide a smarter quality infrastructure to enable earlier, more definitive and prioritized detection of emerging quality issues across your global supply chain, helping to significantly reduce the impact of such issues on your business. 
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   2.IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality for the electronics industry 
 IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality is a preconfigured, packaged analytics solution that can help you maintain or improve both productivity and product quality. It can supply the insights you need in near-real time to make faster, more informed decisions. 
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   3.Procurement optimization for electronics (Solution brief-USEN) 
 The electronics industry is characterized by ever increasing complexity, fierce competition and razor-thin margins. The procurement optimization for electronics solution from IBM can help you realize sustainable savings, mitigate supply chain risks and improve procurement productivity. 
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   4.Optimize the Supply Chain (Solution brief-USEN) 
 A solution brief details how IBM supply chain management solutions enable businesses to anticipate, control, and react to customer demand and supply volatility within the supply chain by providing a comprehensive, integrated platform for planning and execution. 
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