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   1.IBM Contact Optimization (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM Contact Optimization helps determine the optimal contact over time for each customer or prospect. IBM Contact Optimization looks across scheduled communications and balances marketing goals with corporate objectives to ensure the optimal message is ... 
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   2.IBM Smarter Commerce – intelligent commerce experience 
 The IBM Smarter Commerce – intelligent commerce experience is a highly innovative multi-channel experience platform for showcasing products that are high value, may be difficult to move and offered in 1000s of different combinations. 
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   3.Smarter Marketing Accelerator 
 Smarter Marketing Accelerator: Capitalizing on pervasive change to define a new path to value for marketing 
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   4.BAO Jumpstart for Customer Insight 
 Business Analytics and Optimization – or BAO – a business discipline that enables people to harness the vast stores of customer, market, financial and enterprise data and turn it into advanced insights using sophisticated analytical techniques and tools. 
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   5.Becoming a Social Business -Social Media Strategy Accelerator 
 Data sheet outlining the concept of a Social Business and the Social Business Strategy Accelerator offering from GBS Strategy and Transformation. 
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   6.Enterprise Marketing Management Assessment 
 IBM helps companies begin and accelerate the interactive marketing journey with the Enterprise Marketing Management Assessment through engaging customers in an on-going dialog, integrating this conversation across channels, and enabling this with a solid,... 
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   7.Smarter Commerce - Cross Channel Experience Assessment 
 This accelerated strategic assessment is focused on helping you identify your customer needs and expectations in the context of a more mobile, socially connected and digitally transformed world. 
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   8.Smarter Commerce - Customer Value Strategy Accelerator 
 This accelerated strategic assessment is focused on helping you identify new, breakthrough, business models that capitalize on the new and evolving needs of the social, digital, and mobile consumer. 
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