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Networking literature

Lenovo recently acquired IBM x86 products in the United States and other countries. IBM will continue to host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo.
IBM Easy Connect is a simple configuration mode implemented on IBM System Networking Ethernet and converged switches that enables easy integration of IBM PureSystems with existing Cisco, Juniper and other vendor data center networks.

March 2013 | PDF | 826 KB
IBM VMready is a solution for IBM PowerVM administrators who want to control, secure and automate the network for live partition migration of virtualized workloads.

December 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
10 Gigabit Ethernet is being widely adopted to manage multiple traffic types simultaneously. IT centers can benefit from converging LAN and SAN traffic on one consolidated Ethernet wire. The IBM BNT 1/10 Uplink ESM Switch supports LAN and iSCSI SAN ...

June 2011 | PDF | 348 KB

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