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IBM System Storage literature

IBM® XIV is proven, high-end disk storage designed for tune-free scaling and ease of use, dramatically simplifying enterprise storage operations while minimising costs.

January 2015 | PDF | 749 KB
IBM® DS8870 offers a highly scalable, self-tuning enterprise-class disk system designed to support critical enterprise applications with the ultimate in flash performance, reliability and agility.

January 2015 | PDF | 320 KB
Based on the innovative architecture design of the IBM® Storwize family, IBM Storwize V3700 entry system provides a simple, efficient and affordable storage system designed to address customer performance requirements and infrastructure consolidation ...

October 2014 | PDF | 357 KB
IBM® Storwize V5000, the intermediate IBM Storwize family offering, delivers sophisticated capabilities with greater flexibility, including innovative and easier management, dual clustering for simple scaling, thin provisioning and external virtualisation...

October 2014 | PDF | 899 KB
Designed for a wide range of streaming data in environments such as business analytics, high performance computing, rich-media communication or life sciences research, IBM® System Storage DCS3700 helps optimise space utilisation, reduce operational ...

October 2014 | PDF | 863 KB
The IBM® Storwize family is designed to deliver more of what you need from storage, using fewer resources: More data stored with fewer disk drives - requiring less space, power and cooling; more performance at lower costs, with flash storage; better ...

October 2014 | PDF | 661 KB
Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 are virtualised, enterprise-class, modular storage systems that provide the foundation for implementing an effective storage infrastructure and transforming the economics of data storage - delivering the ...

October 2014 | PDF | 1003 KB
IBM System Storage DCS3860 is an ultra-dense storage system that delivers fast, efficient and scalable performance for high performance computing (HPC) environments. It can support up to 360 drives, while also reducing your storage footprint.

December 2013 | PDF | 359 KB
IBM has combined excellent development with leading 6 Gbps host interface and drive technology in IBM System Storage DS3500 Express. DS3500 Express is a cost-effective, fully integrated complement to IBM System x servers, IBM BladeCenter and IBM Power ...

June 2013 | PDF | 871 KB
IBM System Storage EXP2500 is a 2U expansion unit available in two models. EXP2512 supports up to twelve 3.5 in. serial attached SCSI (SAS) drives. EXP2524 supports up to twenty four 2.5 in SAS drives.

June 2013 | PDF | 613 KB
IBM System Storage DS3950 Express offers high performance 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) connections, an optional 1 Gbps Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI) interface for less demanding applications.

June 2013 | PDF | 833 KB
IBM System Storage DS5000 (DS5100, DS5300) delivers availability and scalability in a low-cost, enterprise-class storage solution designed to simplify data management and to provide comprehensive data protection and recovery for open-system storage needs.

June 2013 | PDF | 834 KB
IBM System Storage EXP3500 is a 2U expansion unit available in two models. EXP3512 supports twelve 3.5-in. SAS drives. EXP3524 supports up to twenty-four 2.5-in. serial attached SCSI (SAS) drives.

June 2013 | PDF | 903 KB
Designed to provide low total cost of ownership (TCO), high performance, robust functionality and unparalleled ease of use, IBM System Storage DS5020 Express also offers scalability and flexibility with 8 gigabits per second (Gbps) Fibre Channel (FC).

June 2013 | PDF | 843 KB

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