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   1.Software Maintenance for appliances Data Sheet 
 This is the Data Sheet for Software Maintenance for appliances. 
Marketing Materials|MTD03068USEN| Modified: 2016-07-13
   2.Linux Subscription for Linux Support 
 Remote “how to,” installation, compatibility and troubleshooting help for your Linux enterprise server systems designed to streamline support, boost business efficiency and reduce downtime and support costs. 
Marketing Materials|MTD03111USEN| Modified: 2015-11-11
   3.IBM Software Support Services — custom technical support (North America) Data Sheet (D) - USEN 
 Custom technical support capabilities in North America 
Marketing Materials|MTD03113USEN| Modified: 2015-10-15
   4.IBM Software Support Services - Service extension (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 This is the Data Sheet for IBM Software Support Services - Service extension. 
Marketing Materials|MTD03077USEN| Modified: 2015-07-20
   5.Support for OpenStack-based private cloud (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM provides integrated multivendor technical support for your private cloud infrastructure running on the SUSE or Ubuntu OpenStack distribution. Our offering helps you streamline support by complementing your in-house skills with our single-source expertise. 
Marketing Materials|MTD03106USEN| Modified: 2015-05-05
   6.Appliance maintenance and support 
 Provides one coterminous contract for your appliance software and hardware support needs and facilitates access to new appliance software versions, releases and updates at no charge, thereby helping simplify contract management and mitigate the risk of downtime and penalties. 
Marketing Materials|MTD03068GBEN| Modified: 2011-10-21