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   1.IBM System Storage SAN24B-4 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 The IBM System Storage SAN24B-4 Express SAN switch connects multiple servers to external disk and tape, and supports server virtualization and multi-switch fabrics. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03041USEN| Modified: 2014-11-10
   2.IBM SAN Volume Controller (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) simplifies management of storage infrastructure, tiered storage and advanced copy functions for storage systems. 
Marketing Materials|TSD00254USEN| Modified: 2014-10-06
   3.IBM TS4500 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 The IBM TS4500 tape library is a next-generation solution providing low cost per terabyte and a high density per square foot to help midsized and large enterprises respond to storage challenges such as high data volumes, growth of data centers and the ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03174USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   4.IBM TS1150 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 The IBM TS1150 tape drive gives organizations an easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and provide long-term retention - and for less expense than disk solutions. It is supported in IBM tape libraries as well as IBM racks that enable ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03182USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   5.IBM Storwize V3700 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 Based on the innovative architecture design of the IBM Storwize family, IBM Storwize V3700 entry system provides a simple, efficient and affordable storage system designed to address customer performance requirements and infrastructure consolidation needs... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03157USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   6.IBM System Storage DCS3700 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 Designed for a wide range of streaming data in environments such as business analytics, high-performance computing, rich-media communication or life sciences research, IBM System Storage DCS3700 helps optimize space utilization, reduce operational ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03138USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   7.IBM 3592 tape cartridge (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM 3592 tape cartridges are available in three lengths - limited capacity, standard capacity and extended capacity - and in either rewriteable or write-once-read-many (WORM) formats. The cartridges can be used in IBM TS1150, IBM TS1140, IBM TS1130, IBM ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD00063USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   8.IBM FlashSystem 840 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM FlashSystem 840 provides extreme performance, flexible capacity and total system protection for the most demanding applications, including OLTP databases, virtual desktop infrastructures, technical-computing applications and cloud-scale environments. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03171USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   9.IBM TS3500 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM TS3500 is a scalable, automated tape library for IBM System z and open-systems backup and archive that can scale from midsized to large enterprise environments. 
Marketing Materials|TSD00872USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   10.IBM Linear Tape File System Single Drive Edition (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM Linear Tape File System Single Drive Edition is the first file system that works in conjunction with LTO Ultrium 6 and 5 tape drives to bring a new level of use and portability to open-systems tape storage - enabling access to data on a tape cartridge... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03128USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   11.IBM DS8870 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM DS8870 offers a highly scalable, self-tuning enterprise-class disk system designed to support critical enterprise applications with the ultimate in flash performance, reliability and agility. 
Marketing Materials|TSD00374USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   12.IBM Storwize V5000 disk system (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM Storwize V5000, the intermediate IBM Storwize family offering, delivers sophisticated capabilities with greater flexibility, including innovative and easier management, dual clustering for simple scaling, thin provisioning and external virtualization ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03170USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   13.IBM TS7700 (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 The IBM TS7700 family virtual tape solution for IBM System z implements a fully integrated, tiered storage hierarchy of disk and tape. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03001USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   14.IBM Storwize family (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 The IBM Storwize family is designed to deliver more of what you need from storage, using fewer resources: More data stored with fewer disk drives - requiring less space, power and cooling; more performance at lower costs, with flash storage; better ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03168USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   15.IBM System Networking SAN24B-5 switch (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 The IBM System Networking SAN24B-5 switch meets the needs of highly virtualized, private cloud storage environments with outstanding price to performance value, flexibility, simplicity, 16 Gbps Fibre Channel technology and enterprise-class functionality ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03180USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   16.IBM Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 storage systems (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 are virtualized, enterprise-class, modular storage systems that provide the foundation for implementing an effective storage infrastructure and transforming the economics of data storage - delivering the ... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03111USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   17.IBM Linear Tape File System Library Edition (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM Linear Tape File System Library Edition works with Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 6 and 5 tape drives to bring a new level of use and portability to open-systems tape storage - supporting data either on single tape cartridges or on multiple cartridges... 
Marketing Materials|TSD03163USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   18.IBM FlashSystem V840 Enterprise Performance Solution (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM FlashSystem V840 Enterprise Performance Solution provides an easy way to take advantage of the enterprise-class, advanced storage capabilities of IBM virtualized storage systems, combined with the best-of-breed technology in IBM FlashSystem storage. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03172USEN| Modified: 2014-10-05
   19.Brocade VDX 6730 Converged Switch for IBM (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 The Brocade VDX 6730 Converged Switches for IBM are designed to improve network utilization, maximize application availability, increase scalability and dramatically simplify network architecture in virtualized data centers. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03179USEN| Modified: 2014-07-31
   20.IBM System Storage TS2260 Tape Drive Express 
 IBM TS2260 tape drive express offers high capacity, half-height Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 5 technology designed for the midrange open-systems environment. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03155USEN| Modified: 2014-07-28