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   1.IBM PowerSC (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 IBM® PowerSC provides IBM AIX and Linux® compliance automation and IBM PowerVM-aware security extensions for virtual systems running on IBM Power Systems. PowerSC reduces cost-to-comply to external security standards and improves visibility to security vulnerabilities in virtual workloads. 
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   2.IBM Project Financing 
 Solution brief describing a single-source financing solution for large-scale, multi vendor business transformations that can include consulting services, infrastructure investment and business process implementation. 
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   3.IBM PowerVP Virtualisation Performance 
 IBM® PowerVP provides performance monitoring to help proactively address performance issues by mapping virtual workloads to physical hardware. This allows clients to address bottlenecks before they affect their business operations. 
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   4.IBM Spectrum Control 
 IBM Spectrum Control helps manage performance, availability and capacity utilisation of storage systems, file systems and databases 
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   5.IBM PowerVM 
 PowerVM provides industrial-strength virtualisation technologies for AIX, IBM i and Linux on IBM Power Systems by virtualising processor, memory, storage and Input/Output (I/O) resources for client partitions enabling increased asset utilisation, enhanced infrastructure flexibility and reduced cost 
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   6.IBM Storwize all-flash storage systems 
 IBM Storwize V7000F and Storwize V5030F are all-flash, virtualised, enterprise-class storage systems that deliver the high performance needed to derive real-time insights from business data. They can handle the huge volumes of data created by cloud, analytics and traditional applications. 
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   7.VersaStack Solution by IBM and Cisco. Easy. Efficient. Versatile. 
 VersaStack is a converged infrastructure solution backed by the first Cisco Validated Designs developed with IBM storage, helping ensure transparent integration of solution applications, greater reliability and confidence for customers and business partners (BP). 
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   8.IBM Spectrum MPI 
 IBM Spectrum MPI is a high-performance, production-quality implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) - supporting a broad range of industry-standard platforms, interconnects and operating systems (OS) to help ensure parallel applications can run anywhere. 
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   9.IBM Elastic Storage Server 
 The IBM Elastic Storage Server offering combines the central processing unit (CPU) and input/output (I/O) capability of the IBM POWER8 architecture matched with IBM System Storage assets. Together, they help overcome current disk drive technology limitations and can simplify your transition to a multi-tier storage architecture. 
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   10.IBM Sterling Supply Chain Visibility Inbound 
 Provide visibility across supplier and carrier networks 
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   11.IBM Network Advisor (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 The IBM® Network Advisor software management tool can enable better coordination for provisioning, troubleshooting and reporting and can also provide proactive performance analysis and troubleshooting capabilities across SANs to increase performance and reliability. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03141GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-29
   12.IBM PowerHA SystemMirror V7.2 for AIX 
 This datasheet provides product highlights, features, benefits and specifications for IBM® PowerHA SystemMirror. Critical business applications may be better protected from failures with the capabilities of IBM PowerHA SystemMirror -supported under the AIX and Linux® Operating Systems (OS). 
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   13.IBM Intelligent Video Analytics 
 IBM Intelligent Video Analytics offers an event-based solution that analyzes video feeds to provide alerts for security staff in real time. It supports activity search, cross-correlation & trend analysis enabling the efficient analysis of video footage both in real time & for investigation. 
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   14.IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation 
 IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation is an easy-to-use, powerful cluster management software that improves the productivity of technical computing administrators and users by reducing the complexity of cluster management. 
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   15.IBM DeepFlash 150 
 IBM DeepFlash 150 all-flash storage arrays provide the massive scalability, deployment flexibility, high performance and highly competitive economics required for big-data-driven businesses to compete and thrive. 
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   16.IBM Managed Resiliency Services 
 A range of managed services, including managed continuity and rapid recovery, that can help keep your critical business processes running, allow uninterrupted access to information and help you meet your business availability and recovery objectives. 
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   17.IBM SAN Volume Controller 
 IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) simplifies management of storage infrastructure, tiered storage and advanced copy functions for storage systems. 
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   18.IBM Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 
 Storwize V7000 Unified and Storwize V7000 are virtualised, enterprise-class, hybrid storage systems that provide the foundation for implementing an effective storage infrastructure and transforming the economics of data storage - delivering the flexibility to meet changing business needs. 
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   19.IBM FlashSystem V9000 
 IBM FlashSystem V9000 offers the advantages of software-defined storage at the speed of flash memory, with all-flash storage arrays that combine the high performance, ultra-low latency, superior efficiency and enterprise reliability of IBM FlashCore technology. 
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   20.IBM Storwize family 
 The IBM Storwize family is designed to deliver more of what you need from storage, using fewer resources: More data stored with fewer drives - requiring less space, power and cooling; more performance at lower costs, with flash storage; better management capabilities, with less work. 
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   21.IBM Spectrum Virtualize software 
 Available for years in IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and other high-end IBM storage systems, IBM Spectrum Virtualize is now available for x86 servers, enabling software-defined storage to manage and protect the huge volumes of data used for big-data analytics and new cognitive workloads. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03223GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-20
   22.Is your HPC infrastructure delivering maximum value? 
 IBM Spectrum LSF RTM was designed to address the challenge of growing demand for HPC resources. It provides an operational dashboard for IBM Spectrum LSF environments and enables comprehensive workload monitoring, reporting and management. 
Marketing Materials|DCS03066GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-17
   23.IBM Wave for z/VM (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 IBM Wave for z/VM is an intuitive virtualisation management software product that provides management, automation, administration and provisioning of virtual servers, enabling automation of Linux virtual servers in a z/VM environment. 
Marketing Materials|ZSD03033GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-17
   24.IBM System Storage DCS3860 
 IBM System Storage DCS3860 is an ultra-dense storage system that delivers fast, efficient and scalable performance for high-performance computing environments. It can support up to 360 drives, while also reducing your storage footprint, power consumption and related operational costs. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03169GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-16
   25.IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights 
 IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights is a cloud-based data management offering that provides enhanced storage visibility to better manage complex storage infrastructures - with recommendations for enhancing efficiency, lowering costs and optimising environments. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03196GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-16
   26.IBM Power Systems Exchange 
 IBM Global Financing now offers you an affordable option to migrate to the new Power Systems platforms. 
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   27.IBM Kenexa Talent Insights 
 Gain deep insights from your talent data 
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   28.IBM FlashSystem 900 
 IBM FlashSystem 900 is designed to accelerate the applications that drive business, featuring all-flash storage arrays that deliver the high performance, ultra-low latency, enterprise reliability and superb operational efficiency of IBM FlashCore technology. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03191GBEN| Modified: 2016-07-01
   29.IBM Spectrum Symphony Server and VM Harvesting 
 IBM Spectrum® Symphony Server and virtual machine (VM) Harvesting can harness idle cycles from a variety of server and VM environments. By automatically adapting resources to meet demands, run times are reduced and service levels are improved, without additional capital spending. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12352GBEN| Modified: 2016-07-01
   30.IBM z/OS (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 z/OS V2.1 helps you achieve the freedom to innovate. Get ready for Smarter Computing. with z/OSV2.1. Data ready. Cloud ready. Security ready. 
Marketing Materials|ZSD00998GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-30
   31.IBM Spectrum Symphony 
 IBM Spectrum Symphony software can deliver powerful enterprise-class management for running compute- and data-intensive distributed applications on a scalable, shared grid. It accelerates dozens of parallel applications, for faster results and better utilisation of all available resources. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12359GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-22
   32.Win the race against time to stay ahead of cybercriminals 
 IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics optimises the process of investigating and gathering evidence on attacks and data breaches, using full network packet capture data to deliver insight and analysis that cannot be achieved using only log source events and network flow details. 
Marketing Materials|WGS03024GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-16
   33.IBM Sterling Connect:Direct FTP+ 
 Bring management, control, and security to your FTP usage 
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   34.IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 As an entry point for enterprise computing, the zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) delivers flexible growth options,excellent virtualisation, secure cloud and operational analytics. It has a granular cost structure and improvements in packaging. 
Marketing Materials|ZSD03032GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-14
   35.Achieve faster business results with IBM High Performance Services 
 To quickly and economically meet new and peak demands, IBM Spectrum LSF and IBM Spectrum Symphony software can be delivered as a service in the IBM SoftLayer cloud for high-performance computing and analytics workloads 
Marketing Materials|DCD12373GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-14
   36.IBM Transparent Data Migration Facility z/OS (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 IBM® Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF) z/OS is end-to-end (E2E), host-based software designed to migrate mainframe data across heterogeneous storage environments and facilitate continuous application availability by leveraging leading-edge technologies and IBM storage expertise. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03177GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-13
   37.IBM z/OS Data Set Mobility Facility (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 IBM® z/OS Data Set Mobility Facility (zDMF) is host-based software that migrates data sets non-disruptively across storage from different vendors and with different disk capacities - enabling faster storage deployments and improved performance for a low total cost of ownership (TCO). 
Marketing Materials|TSD03178GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-13
   38.IBM TS2250 tape drive express 
 The IBM® TS2250 tape drive express offers high-capacity half-height Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®) Ultrium® 5 technology designed for the midrange open-systems environment. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03092GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-13
   39.IBM Storwize V3700 
 Based on the innovative architecture design of the IBM Storwize family, the IBM Storwize V3700 entry-level hybrid system provides a simple, efficient and affordable storage solution designed to address customer performance requirements and infrastructure consolidation needs. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03157GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-10
   40.Data-intensive computing for big data with IBM Spectrum Symphony 
 IBM Spectrum Symphony Advanced Edition is an enterprise-class distributed runtime engine for MapReduce applications. IBM Spectrum Symphony offers modern distributed workload runtime services for your MapReduce applications. 
Marketing Materials|DCS03025GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-10
   41.IBM Spectrum Accelerate 
 IBM Spectrum Accelerate is enterprise-class software-defined storage available across commodity servers, appliance and public cloud, including as a service - managed under one pane. Born of proven IBM XIV technology, it is designed for deploying cloud storage quickly, simply and flexibly. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03194GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-08
   42.IBM TS7700 (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 The IBM® TS7700 family virtual tape solution for IBM z Systems implements a fully integrated, tiered storage hierarchy of disk and tape. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03001GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-07
   43.IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark 
 IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark is an integrated solution that is backed by IBM services and support. It incorporates an Apache Spark distribution and supports Spark multi-tenancy, augmented by technologies for granular and dynamic resource allocation and for storage management. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12380GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-07
   44.IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 
 IBM XIV is proven, high-end disk storage designed for tune-free scaling and ease of use, dramatically simplifying enterprise storage operations while minimising costs. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03207GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-01
   45.IBM Spectrum Symphony Developer Edition 
 IBM Spectrum Symphony Developer Edition (available for download at no charge) enables you to rapidly develop and test applications without the need for a production grid. Once applications are running in this edition, they are guaranteed to run at scale on an IBM Spectrum Symphony grid. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12350GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-01
   46.IBM Spectrum Symphony GPU Harvesting 
 IBM Spectrum Symphony graphics processing unit (GPU) Harvesting software helps unleash the power of general-purpose GPUs by harvesting idle cycles. Automatically adapting resources to meet demands can reduce run times, improve service levels and help eliminate additional capital spending. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12355GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-01
   47.IBM Spectrum LSF Analytics 
 IBM Spectrum LSF Analytics is an advanced analysis and visualisation tool for analysing massive amounts of IBM Spectrum LSF workload data. It enables you to correlate job, resource and license data from multiple IBM Spectrum LSF clusters for data-driven decision-making. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12357GBEN| Modified: 2016-06-01
   48.AIX 7.2 
 This data sheet provides product highlights, features, benefits and specifications for AIX 7.2, IBM's industrial-strength UNIX operating system (OS), for mission-critical applications. 
Marketing Materials|POD03054GBEN| Modified: 2016-05-10
   49.IBM TS7760 
 The IBM TS7760 virtual tape solution for IBM z Systems implements a fully integrated, tiered storage hierarchy of disk and tape. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03216GBEN| Modified: 2016-05-09
   50.IBM TS4500 Tape Library 
 IBM TS4500 Tape Library is a next-generation solution providing low cost per terabyte and a high density per square foot to help midsized and large enterprises respond to storage challenges such as high data volumes, growth of data centres and the rising cost of storage footprints. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03174GBEN| Modified: 2016-05-07