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   1.IBM Spectrum Control 
 IBM Spectrum Control helps manage performance, availability and capacity utilisation of storage systems, file systems and databases 
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   2.IBM Security QRadar Data Node (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 IBM Security QRadar Data Nodes are cost-effective, scalable, and flexible options for increasing storage capacity and processing power in QRadar SIEM deployments. They make it possible for security analysts to conduct searches that go back months or even years, and analyse terabytes or eve 
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   3.IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data – two-socket Linux server 
 It delivers high-data-throughput Linux server design built on open standards and incorporating accelerators to meet the big data workloads. 
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   4.IBM Power System S821LC – 1U POWER8 Linux Server 
 IBM Power Systems S821LC delivers two POWER8 processors into a 1U form factor to meet the compute intensive workloads of today. 
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   5.The OpenPOWER Deep Learning Software Distribution 
 The OpenPOWER Deep Learning Software Distribution includes popular learning frameworks available and optimized for POWER processors. 
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   6.IBM TS3310 Tape Library (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM® TS3310 Tape Library is a modular, scalable tape library solution that supports Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®) Ultrium® tape cartridges. 
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   7.IBM System Storage TS1130 Tape Drive 
 The IBM System Storage TS1130 Tape Drive offers a tape solution with high capacity, fast access to data and long-term data retention. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03053GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-21
   8.IBM TS3100 tape library (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM® TS3100 tape library with full-height and half-height Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®) technology is designed to leverage LTO technology. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03015GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-21
   9.IBM TS3200 tape library (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM® TS3200 tape library with full-height and half-height Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®) technology is designed to leverage LTO technology. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03016GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-21
   10.IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway 
 The IBM TS7650G ProtecTIER Deduplication solution helps meets data protection needs while enabling significant cost reductions. 
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   11.IBM Kenexa Employee Voice: Listen. Analyze. Act. 
 Only IBM Kenexa offers the full complement of technology and services that can connect you and your employees 
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   12.IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark 
 IBM Spectrum Conductor with Spark supports multi-tenancy, augmented by technologies for granular and dynamic resource allocation 
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   13.IBM Spectrum Scale 
 IBM Spectrum Scale transforms data economics for traditional and next-generation applications with great speed, agility and efficiency. 
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   14.IBM FlashSystem A9000R 
 IBM FlashSystem A9000R all-flash storage arrays enable enterprises to transform information technology into business innovation. 
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   15.Cisco MDS 9718 Multilayer Director for IBM Storage Networking 
 Cisco MDS 9718 is a director-class SAN switch enabling organisations to support exponential data growth and provide operational flexibility 
Marketing Materials|TSD03218GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-10
   16.IBM Storwize family 
 The IBM Storwize family is designed to improve performance at lower costs and gain better management capabilities that require less workIBM. 
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   17.Cisco MDS 9706 Multilayer Director for IBM System Storage 
 A director-class storage storage area network (SAN) switch that enables organisations to consolidate data assets to keep up with today's. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03217GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-09
   18.IBM TS2250 tape drive express 
 The IBM® TS2250 tape drive express offers high-capacity half-height Linear Tape-Open® (LTO®) Ultrium® 5 technology designed for the midrange open-systems environment. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03092GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-07
   19.IBM System Storage SAN24B-4 Express 
 The IBM® System Storage SAN24B-4 Express storage area network (SAN) switch connects multiple servers to external disk and tape and supports server virtualisation and multi-switch fabrics. 
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   20.IBM DeepFlash Elastic Storage Server 
 IBM Storage Networking SAN64B-6 は、 第 6 世代ファイバーチャネル(FC)テクノロジーと機能を提供することで、大規模な仮想化、さらに大規模なクラウド環境、フラッシュベースのストレージ環境にも対応します。 
Marketing Materials|TSD03231GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-02
   21.IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management 
 IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management can leverage existing infrastructures data copy services to help modernise management processes. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03230GBEN| Modified: 2016-11-02
   22.IBM Storwize all-flash storage systems 
 IBM Storwize all-flash, virtualised, enterprise-class systems deliver the performance needed to derive real-time insights from business. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03198GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-31
   23.IBM Spectrum Virtualize software 
 IBM Spectrum Virtualize is now available for x86 servers, enabling software-defined storage to manage and protect huge volumes of data. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03223GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-31
   24.IBM Storwize V5000 
 IBM Storwize V5000 delivers easy management, clustering, encryption, compression and external virtualisation for higher storage utilisation. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03170GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-31
   25.IBM DS8880 
 IBM DS8880 is designed to deliver extreme performance, uncompromised availability and the deepest integration with IBM z Systems. 
Marketing Materials|TSD00374GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-31
   26.IBM SAN Volume Controller 
 IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) simplifies management of storage infrastructure, tiered storage and advanced copy functions. 
Marketing Materials|TSD00254GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-31
   27.VersaStack Solution 
 VersaStack helps ensure transparent integration of solutions, greater reliability and confidence for customers and business partners (BPs). 
Marketing Materials|TSD03199GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-31
   28.IBM FlashSystem V9000 
 IBM FlashSystem V9000 offers the advantages of software-defined storage at the speed of flash memory, with all-flash storage arrays. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03189GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-30
   29.Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Director for IBM System Networking 
 Cisco MDS 9710 - a next-generation, director-class storage area network (SAN) switch for large-scale storage. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03175GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-27
   30.Fabric Vision technology 
 To meet requirements that storage networks adapt to the dynamic environments and performance demands of high-density virtualisation. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03227GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-26
   31.IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX 
 This datasheet provides product highlights, features, benefits and specifications for IBM PowerHA SystemMirror. 
Marketing Materials|POD03013GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-25
   32.AIX 7.2 
 This data sheet provides product features, benefits and specifications for AIX 7.2, IBM's industrial-strength UNIX operating system (OS). 
Marketing Materials|POD03054GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-15
   33.IBM PowerVM 
 PowerVM provides industrial-strength virtualisation technologies for AIX, IBM i and Linux on IBM Power Systems by virtualising processor. 
Marketing Materials|POD03015GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-09
   34.IBM PowerVC – Virtualisation Centre 
 IBM PowerVC is simple to use advanced virtualisation and cloud management solutions which allows customers to accelerate cloud deployments. 
Marketing Materials|POD03083GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-09
   35.IBM Storage Networking SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6 
 IBM Storage Networking SAN512B-6 and SAN256B-6 directors with Fabric Vision technology combine innovative hardware, 
Marketing Materials|TSD03226GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-08
   36.IBM Storage Networking SAN64B-6 
 The IBM Storage Networking SAN64B-6 switch is designed to meet the demands of hyper-scale virtualisation, larger cloud infrastructures . 
Marketing Materials|TSD03228GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-08
   37.IBM Kenexa Predictive Hiring for Cyber Security Roles 
 Identify and acquire candidates like your top performers using behavioural science, data and analytics. 
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   38.Linking Skills to Recruit, Onboard and Develop for Better Business Outcomes 
 Information sheet linking both product offerings to support business outcomes. 
Marketing Materials|LOS14066GBEN| Modified: 2016-10-04
   39.Redundancy and Redeployment of Talent: Creating a fair and objective process with IBM and Working Transitions 
 IBM and Working Transitions have collaborated to provide organisations a holistic, fair and seamless redundancy and redeployment framework. 
Marketing Materials|LOD14137GBEN| Modified: 2016-09-27
   40.IBM PowerSC (Data Sheet-GBEN) 
 IBM® PowerSC provides IBM AIX and Linux® compliance automation and IBM PowerVM-aware security extensions for virtual systems running on IBM Power Systems. PowerSC reduces cost-to-comply to external security standards and improves visibility to security vulnerabilities in virtual workloads. 
Marketing Materials|POD03063GBEN| Modified: 2016-09-20
   41.IBM Project Financing 
 Solution brief describing a single-source financing solution for large-scale, multi vendor business transformations that can include consulting services, infrastructure investment and business process implementation. 
Marketing Materials|GFS02204GBEN| Modified: 2016-09-16
   42.IBM PowerVP Virtualisation Performance 
 IBM® PowerVP provides performance monitoring to help proactively address performance issues by mapping virtual workloads to physical hardware. This allows clients to address bottlenecks before they affect their business operations. 
Marketing Materials|POD03082GBEN| Modified: 2016-09-15
   43.IBM Spectrum MPI 
 IBM Spectrum MPI is a high-performance, production-quality implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) - supporting a broad range of industry-standard platforms, interconnects and operating systems (OS) to help ensure parallel applications can run anywhere. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12358GBEN| Modified: 2016-09-06
   44.IBM Elastic Storage Server 
 The IBM Elastic Storage Server offering combines the central processing unit (CPU) and input/output (I/O) capability of the IBM POWER8 architecture matched with IBM System Storage assets. Together, they help overcome current disk drive technology limitations and can simplify your transition to a multi-tier storage architecture. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12377GBEN| Modified: 2016-09-01
   45.IBM Sterling Supply Chain Visibility Inbound 
 Provide visibility across supplier and carrier networks 
Marketing Materials|ZZD03071GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-31
   46.IBM Intelligent Video Analytics 
 IBM Intelligent Video Analytics offers an event-based solution that analyzes video feeds to provide alerts for security staff in real time. It supports activity search, cross-correlation & trend analysis enabling the efficient analysis of video footage both in real time & for investigation. 
Marketing Materials|LBS03027GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-24
   47.IBM DeepFlash 150 
 IBM DeepFlash 150 all-flash storage arrays provide the massive scalability, deployment flexibility, high performance and highly competitive economics required for big-data-driven businesses to compete and thrive. 
Marketing Materials|TSD03225GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-23
   48.IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation 
 IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation is an easy-to-use, powerful cluster management software that improves the productivity of technical computing administrators and users by reducing the complexity of cluster management. 
Marketing Materials|DCD12362GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-23
   49.IBM Managed Resiliency Services 
 A range of managed services, including managed continuity and rapid recovery, that can help keep your critical business processes running, allow uninterrupted access to information and help you meet your business availability and recovery objectives. 
Marketing Materials|BUD03017GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-22
   50.Is your HPC infrastructure delivering maximum value? 
 IBM Spectrum LSF RTM was designed to address the challenge of growing demand for HPC resources. It provides an operational dashboard for IBM Spectrum LSF environments and enables comprehensive workload monitoring, reporting and management. 
Marketing Materials|DCS03066GBEN| Modified: 2016-08-17