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IBM System z literature

The z/OS V2.1 zEDC capability and the hardware feature zEDC Express offers a new compression acceleration option that is compatible with the current coprocessor compression

July 2014 | PDF | 944 KB
Outline of the key features and benefits of the IBM zEnterprise Analytics System 9700 and 9710. This set of integrated solutions simplify building of analytics systems by incorporating the zEnterprise EC12 and the new IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator into ...

October 2013 | PDF | 1 MB
This 8 page brochure gives your customer a clear description of the business value they can derive through the IBM Smart Analytics System 9700. It fully articulates the value of having your analytic workloads co-located with your operational workloads on ...

October 2013 | PDF | 421 KB
Brochure ecard and One pagers to use as infographics

August 2013 | PDF | 145 KB
This ebook provides information about Mobile and System z

July 2013 | PDF | 2 MB
The IBM zEnterprise system is an integrated hardware platform designed to span and manage workloads across mainframe, IBM Power7 and IBM System x blade technologies in heterogeneous environments, enabling workloads to be deployed on the technologies that ...

October 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
The zEnterprise 114 is IBM’s premier midrange platform for integrated, centrally managed workload deployment designed, priced and right sized as an on ramp for any business or IT shop looking to exploit mainframe technologies for IT efficiencies and ...

August 2012 | PDF | 773 KB
Learn how organizations are taking bold, new approaches to dramatically improve economics and innovation through IT efficiency. The client examples focus on enterprise cloud computing, business application optimization, server consolidation and core ...

April 2012 | PDF | 4 MB
The IBM zEnterprise provides new capabilities that simplify the effort of running applications across a mix of server architectures for optimal application placement, cross-system workload governance, and business responsiveness.

July 2010 | PDF | 406 KB
IBM zEnterprise technology harnesses the strengths of the IBM System z platform to provide information access across discrete, disparate databases and servers and enable information management in an organized, simplified way using a secure, reliable ...

July 2010 | PDF | 400 KB

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