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   1.Clarks - Putting its best foot forward with the foundation for a truly global organization 
 By adopting ultra-fast IBM FlashSystem solutions and standardizing on a single SAP instance, Clarks accelerates analysis of its growing global customer base, cutting batch run times by up to 5 hours so that executives always start the day with the reports they need. 
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   2.A-Plant - Keeping pace as business booms to grow revenues and market share 
 A-Plant deployed the IBM Storwize V7000 Gen2 with IBM Real-Time Compression and IBM Flex System to get on top of exponential data growth rates and record activity levels. The company cut both response and disaster recovery times by over 80 percent, speeding responses to customers 24/7. 
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   3.Hampshire Constabulary: Policing costs with Thames Valley Police to deliver the best possible value for public spending 
 Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police pooled resources and drove efficiency by consolidating to a single, centralised storage infrastructure based on the IBM Storwize V7000, a solution that is expected to yield zero cost over four years. 
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