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IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System literature

Lenovo recently acquired IBM x86 products in the United States and other countries. IBM will continue to host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo.
Idwala unlocked unprecedented flexibility and new economies of scale by transforming its approach to IT, consolidating 37 servers and multiple storage systems to an IBM PureFlex System, gaining 99.99 percent uptime for critical applications and 85 percent...

May 2015 | PDF | 159 KB
dreibus spotted a lucrative gap in the IT services market, and introduced IBM Intelligent Operations Center stadium management software running on an IBM Flex System as an SaaS offering to launch a successful addition to its portfolio without increasing ...

December 2014 | PDF | 699 KB
The University of Stuttgart deployed an IBM PureFlex System hosting a suite of Enterprise Content Management solutions to investigate revolutionary ways of meeting compliance requirements at lower cost – while delivering additional value to businesses.

November 2014 | PDF | 699 KB
French civil engineering and construction group Spie batignolles resolved storage performance and reliability issues by deploying IBM Flex System with IBM Storwize V7000, gaining a fast, flexible, easy-to-manage and highly available platform for its ...

October 2014 | PDF | 674 KB
CGA consolidated existing Intel and IBM® POWER® servers with IBM PureFlex® System – an expert integrated platform that is capable of running applications in whichever environment CGA chooses.

October 2014 | PDF | 698 KB
Israeli energy company Dorad Energy selected the IBM PureFlex System, an expert integrated offering combining server, storage, management and networking components for easy deployment, management and scalability.

October 2014 | PDF | 691 KB
Cyber security firm RESI cuts time-to-market while boosting operational efficiency by migrating critical systems to a private cloud environment based on the IBM PureFlex System, cutting energy requirements by 30 percent and floor space by 60 percent.

September 2014 | PDF | 692 KB
The Mahanagar Co-operative Bank Ltd. deployed a virtualized infrastructure with IBM System x servers and an IBM PureFlex System solution to increase operational efficiency, accelerate year-end reporting and boost performance of critical services to ...

September 2014 | PDF | 731 KB
To secure profits, Lantal Textiles AG needed to minimize the risk of downtime. It deployed the IBM PureFlex System, consolidating server platforms, storage and networking resources on a single compact, reliable box with built-in expertise.

August 2014 | PDF | 710 KB
Hardis used IBM Flex System and IBM SmartCloud Entry to create a completely new value proposition for its clients: a private cloud for deploying – rapidly, and at low cost – heterogeneous test and development environments. The solution also cuts ...

April 2014 | PDF | 718 KB
Astro-Med needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure. The company deployed an integrated compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure, which increased computing power, enabling the company to speed reporting ...

February 2014 | PDF | 705 KB
Crèdit Andorrà wanted to aggressively expand, but the existing data center infrastructure did not have the flexibility and scalability to support rapid growth. After the company deployed an IBM solution, the company extended its applications globally to ...

February 2014 | PDF | 749 KB
Working with IBM Business Par tner Zones, Inc., the company refreshed its existing IT infrastructure with an IBM® PureFlexTM System offering.

December 2013 | PDF | 129 KB
Europe Airpost worked with IBM Premier Business Partner Diademys to deploy an expert-integrated IBM PureFlex System solution – reducing the overall maintenance workload, improving cost-efficiency and freeing the IT team to focus on developing innovative ...

September 2013 | PDF | 681 KB
Altus Information Technologies deployed an IBM Flex System solution, along with innovative KVM technology, to enable clients to save up to 75 percent with new cloud-computing services - while also improving its own operational efficiency and lowering its ...

April 2013 | PDF | 663 KB

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