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   1.Bytemobile drives mobile Internet using IBM BladeCenter technology 
 IBM BladeCenter technology provides the industry focus, flexibility and performance Bytemobile needs in the hardware platform for its Unison Platform of video and web optimization solutions 
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   2.Avalon (Case study-USEN) 
 IT hosting provider Avalon’s hardware infrastructure lacked the flexibility that businesses demand. By building a hybrid cloud architecture based on IBM System x servers, they are now able to offer clients a powerful private cloud that can integrate ... 
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   3.40Gbit backbone delivers major benefits for Balluff GmbH 
 A new backbone was designed, built around the IBM® System Networking RackSwitchTM G8264 10/40 Gbit and the IBM System Networking RackSwitch G8052. IBM also provides a service package including software support and diagnostics. 
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   4.Upgrade to website delivers a win-win outcome 
 IBM Business Partner, NetFactory GmbH, proposed a solution based on 24 IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 servers to improve performance, exploit virtualization, simplify system and network management, and reduce data center sprawl and inefficiency. 
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   5.Sarenet transforms its third-party IT and cloud services IBM business partner Antisa SA provides new infrastructure and network solution 
 IBM Business Partner Antisa proposed a system upgrade to increase flexibility and availability, and lower maintenance, latency and energy consumption. New IBM server assets were deployed, along with IBM network switches that support Sarenet’s future plans... 
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   6.Bonar updates its data centers to improve business continuity 
 IBM Business Partner DHDS undertook a network backbone upgrade project to increase the speed, capacity, and flexi-bility of the link between Bonar’s mirrored data center facilities. 
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   7.Major network update for Online Backup Company 
 Six IBM® System Networking RackSwitchTM G8264 switches were installed across three locations and connected using IBM BladeCenter® Virtual Fabric. 
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