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   1.Idwala Industrial Holdings Limited (Case study-USEN) 
 Idwala unlocked unprecedented flexibility and new economies of scale by transforming its approach to IT, consolidating 37 servers and multiple storage systems to an IBM PureFlex System, gaining 99.99 percent uptime for critical applications and 85 percent floor space savings. 
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   2.Sharp HealthCare 
 By deploying IBM® FlashSystem® storage and IBM POWER8® servers, Sharp HealthCare boosts performance and stability for medical applications. 
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 Akamai engaged IBM Global Business Services to transform its Oracle applications environment. Now, the company is capturing and reporting on data in far greater detail and much faster than ever before, offering deeper insight into global sales, products, customers and markets. 
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   4.ConnectOne Bank 
 Discover how ConnectOne Bank is delivering a personalized service to each of its customers, even after massive business growth. 
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   5.Delivering great service to millions of customers even during acquisition integration 
 With support from IBM Global Business Services, this public utility company migrated some 500,000 customers to its core Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing system, ensuring they are billed accurately and on time to boost satisfaction and maximize revenue generation. 
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   6.A global retail company 
 Can a global retailer enable dramatic growth without soaking up energy and effort on IT? This retailer selected Oracle Retail Merchandising System and IBM Cloud Managed Services for Oracle Applications, expanding retail footprint by 20 percent a year – free of IT infrastructure concerns. 
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   7.Ventiv Technology 
 Ventiv Technology deployed 40 terabytes of IBM FlashSystem storage systems to increase the storage performance and availability needed to meet increased customer demands; speed access to data; and dramatically improve read performance 
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   8.JD Williams 
 JD Williams’s future lies with younger purchasers who rely almost totally on digital channels. The company is embarking on complete transformation of its processes, based on Oracle Retail Merchandising System and Oracle ERP solutions, to become a true multi-channel retailer. 
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   9.Epic Piping 
 Epic Piping chose Oracle JD Edwards solutions, run entirely using IBM Cloud Managed Services for JD Edwards, to create a fully integrated, enterprise-scale operation fit for a multi-million-dollar business in just a few short months. 
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   10.Shop Direct - Making good things easily accessible to more people 
 Online retailer Shop Direct transforms the way it manages millions of products with Oracle applications, managed through build and run services by IBM® Global Business Services®. New visibility and control of products, prices and suppliers helps teams shape a better shopping experience. 
null|ORC12385USEN| Modified: 2015-12-18
   11.Ashurst: Transforming the HR function to support business growth with human capital management in the cloud 
 Ashurst is working together with IBM Global Business Services to build standardised, integrated approaches to human capital management in the Oracle cloud—creating a trusted platform for accurate analytics to support the company’s long-term growth objectives. 
null|ORC12378GBEN| Modified: 2015-08-19
   12.Leading communications company: Launching revenue-driving products 70 percent faster with IBM and Oracle 
 This leading communications company, working with IBM Global Business Services, built a centralized system to manage customer relationships, product catalogues, offers and more—shortening time-to-market for new products by 70 percent and increasing average revenue per customer. 
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   13.Equinix - On-time technical and process transformation enables on-budget business transformation, saving millions of ... 
 Equinix created new business systems and processes designed to satisfy the demands of REIT/SWIFT, enabled by transforming business systems to Oracle R12 applications. 
null|ORC12374USEN| Modified: 2015-08-05
   14.The Chefs’ Warehouse: Serving up the ingredients for faster acquisition integration 
 The Chef’s Warehouse, an ever-expanding foodservice business, implemented Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One solutions. Today, it can deliver its chefs’ orders exactly as promised, and integrate acquisitions rapidly to drive its growth. 
null|ORC12370WWEN| Modified: 2015-08-05
   15.Duke Energy: Keeping energy flowing to hundreds of thousands of customers with IBM and Oracle 
 Duke Energy reduces business risk and ensures safe, steady supply of energy to customers when it works with IBM Global Business Services to upgrade the Oracle software underlying its mission-critical Gas Transportation Management System. 
null|ORC12371USEN| Modified: 2015-08-05
   16.Integra LifeSciences - Curing growing pains with a platform for cost-efficient business expansion from Oracle and IBM 
 Integra worked with IBM to deploy Oracle ERP software, enabling it to manage multiple acquisitions according to a single corporate standard. The solution reduces operational expenditure, enables faster integration of new businesses and facilitates its USD1 billion revenue target. 
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   17.Dundee City Council - City government discovers the outstanding reliability of Linux on System z 
 Dundee City Council embraced a more cost-efficient way to guarantee 24/7 availability for the Oracle Database environment supporting its critical services by consolidating its existing distributed server to a zEnterprise BC12 based Enterprise Linux Server environment. 
null|ZSC03292GBEN| Modified: 2014-07-07
   18.Leading consumer-products manufacturer - Understanding group-wide, cross-geography profitability in near-real time 
 A leading consumer products manufacturer worked with IBM to replace multiple processes and systems with a global instance of Oracle JD Edwards software – offering clear insight into all financial data. 
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