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   1.Leading US healthcare system - Enabling rapid, efficient, integrated care for patients across multiple clinics and specialties (Case study-USEN) 
 A leading US healthcare system deployed EpicCare EMR on IBM technology, gaining a consolidated view of patient and financial data that is robust, cost-efficient and scalable. The virtualized IBM storage infrastructure provides extreme resiliency and ... 
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   2.Major pay-TV broadcaster significantly reduces cost per terabyte (Case study-USEN) 
 A major European pay-TV broadcaster deployed 16 IBM XIV Storage Systems (Gen3 models) at four strategic data centers, with a total capacity of around 2 PB. It also installed VMware to enable the configuration of virtual storage pools for thin provisioning... 
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   3.Anadolubank builds smarter services to grow into new markets (Case study-USEN) 
 Turkey-based Anadolubank deployed IBM XIV Storage System in a private cloud configuration - enabling fast provisioning of new development environments. The solution supports the rapid deployment of new banking services required to win new business ... 
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   4.Capgemini Canada helps keep the lights bright with IBM XIV and Power 795 (Case study-USEN) 
 Using IBM XIV Storage Systems as part of a total infrastructure solution including high-performance IBM Power 750 servers, Capgemini can support growth in its customer's critical business applications while improving failover times by 66 percent - ... 
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   5.niu Solutions takes cloud services to new heights with IBM (Case study-USEN) 
 Managed IT services provider niu Solutions deployed IBM XIV Storage System, increasing storage performance by a factor of up to four, and enabling higher availability for its customers. The company runs ten XIV systems with less than half of one FTE, ... 
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   6.UGMK extracts maximum value from SAP ERP (Case study-USEN) 
 Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UGMK) engaged IBM Premier Business Partner Trinity to deploy two IBM XIV Storage Systems, providing ample performance and reliability for SAP ERP. With built-in thin provisioning from IBM XIV, UGMK has cut its ... 
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   7.Running a smart county on IBM XIV 
 Migrating business-critical applications - including a major new SAP solution - to multiple IBM XIV Storage Systems has given this county a compact, efficient, easy-to-manage data storage platform that delivers excellent I/O performance and scales ... 
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   8.Clarks steps into IBM XIV and IBM Power 770 for SAP and more 
 To support its business growth, Clarks wanted to increase the capacity of its storage landscape and reduce the cost per TB, while maintaining availability and performance for business-critical systems. An IBM Storage solution of XIV, Power series, and ... 
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   9.Agence France-Presse rises to global news media demands 
 Agence France-Presse (AFP) needed to take a new approach to storage. Working with IBM, AFP implemented a new configuration using smaller storage arrays with the Storwize V7000, providing AFP with much more flexibility to scale and with much easier ... 
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   10.Dar Al-Handasah engineers smart solution to data growth challenge (Case study-USEN) 
 Dar Al-Handasah deployed IBM Storwize V7000 virtualized storage to resolve its capacity and performance issues. With built-in thin-provisioning and data-tiering capabilities, the IBM solution has increased storage efficiency. It also enables the ... 
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   11.John T. Mather Memorial Hospital puts patient care first with IBM XIV (Case study-USEN) 
 John T. Mather Memorial Hospital made space for innovation by deploying IBM XIV Storage System as its strategic data storage platform. With two asynchronously mirrored XIV systems, the hospital enjoys high performance and scalability. 
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   12.Canucks Sports & Entertainment wins at the storage expansion game (Case study-USEN) 
 Canucks Sports & Entertainment, owners of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team, needed to expand their storage capacity to handle exponential growth in digital media. They needed a scalable storage system, and they were able to implement an IBM solution that... 
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   13.University of Leipzig accelerates medical research with IBM (Case study-USEN) 
 The University of Leipzig deployed an IBM Storwize V7000 storage system to provide high-performance storage for infrastructure services and complex research workloads. The institute cut data loading processes by more than 60 percent, and the storage ... 
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   14.Apple Vacations takes a holiday from complexity with IBM XIV and SAP ERP 
 Apple Vacations deployed an IBM XIV Storage System to replace multiple disk arrays. The IBM solution cut the data management workload from half a full-time employee equivalent each month to less than a tenth, and cut total storage costs by more than 80 ... 
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   15.EllisDon constructs a mission-critical cloud 
 Worked with IBM to deploy a private cloud solution comprising IBM System x® servers running VMware vSphere virtualization technology, with virtualized data storage on IBM XIV® Storage System. 
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