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   1.Astro-Med: IBM PureFlex architecture helps manufacturer reduce operating costs and simplify IT management (Case ... 
 Astro-Med needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure. The company deployed an integrated compute, storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single infrastructure, which increased computing power, enabling the company to speed reporting processes by 45 percent. 
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   2.The Mahanagar Co-operative Bank Ltd. (Case study-USEN) 
 The Mahanagar Co-operative Bank Ltd. deployed a virtualized infrastructure with IBM System x servers and an IBM PureFlex System solution to increase operational efficiency, accelerate year-end reporting and boost performance of critical services to support future business growth. 
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   3.Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group: European bank uses IBM PureFlex System to rapidly expand the business into additional ... 
 Crèdit Andorrà wanted to aggressively expand, but the existing data center infrastructure did not have the flexibility and scalability to support rapid growth. After the company deployed an IBM solution, the company extended its applications globally to expand revenue. 
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   4.The HELPcard improves the responsiveness and reliability of web services 
 Working with IBM Business Par tner Zones, Inc., the company refreshed its existing IT infrastructure with an IBM® PureFlex™ System offering. 
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   5.Idwala Industrial Holdings Limited (Case study-USEN) 
 Idwala unlocked unprecedented flexibility and new economies of scale by transforming its approach to IT, consolidating 37 servers and multiple storage systems to an IBM PureFlex System, gaining 99.99 percent uptime for critical applications and 85 percent floor space savings. 
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   6.Desert Research Institute Case study (C) - USEN 
 Leveraging IBM PureSystems offerings, DRI created a powerful, scalable and reliable cloud computing platform that reduces IT costs, accelerates scientific analysis and enables DRI to deliver data as a service to public and private organizations. 
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   7.Kingland Systems uses the cloud to onboard new customers in minutes 
 To get customers up and running quickly, Kingland Systems Corporation replaces manual processes with IBM PureData System and IBM PureApplication System cloud capabilities to quickly create customer environments, analyze data and empower customers. 
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   8.Turkish Economy Bank Inc. accelerates time to market 
 Experiencing delays when releasing new banking services, the IT group at Turkish Economy Bank Inc. (TEB) sought to speed the process. 
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   9.ASE improves sales retention by 12 percent with mobile solution 
 To differentiate itself in a highly competitive marketplace, ASE uses IBM Operational Decision Management and IBM Mobile Application Platform application patterns running on IBM PureApplication to create a new onboarding process for customers, improving sales retention by 12 percent 
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   10.Hemas Holdings PLC (Case study-USEN) 
 Diversified conglomerate Hemas Holdings found the cure to complexity when it adopted a centralized private cloud based on the IBM PureFlex System to supply IT services to the business. Seamlessly supporting a range of needs, the solution helps lower operational costs while driving growth. 
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   11.Tangerine adopts IBM MobileFirst strategy (Case study-USEN) 
 Canada’s Tangerine Bank was spending more time provisioning for development than developing - and missing the mobile revolution. IBM PureApplication System patterns and IBM MobileFirst software helped cut six week development cycles to two, enabling delivery of innovative mobile tools. 
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   12.Safety Insurance - Finding the key to retaining high-value customers while realizing significant operational savings 
 By providing a single view of customer data across multiple systems, IBM PureData System for Analytics and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence enable Safety Insurance to better serve its most valuable customers. 
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   13.MagNet - Finding the key to sky-high magazine sales with hot-off-the-press insight 
 MagNet saw an opportunity to deliver deeper insight into magazine sales and help its clients make better decisions about printing and distribution. By deploying IBM® PureData® System for Analytics, MagNet now has the power to help the US magazine industry get its numbers just right. 
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   14.Kelsey-Seybold Clinic (Case study-USEN) 
 Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, a 375-physician ambulatory care network in Houston, deployed IBM Flex System server solutions, IBM FlashSystem storage devices, IBM SAN Volume Controller and Citrix Xen solutions to increase patient services with a virtualized desktop infrastructure 
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