Idwala Industrial Holdings Limited (Case study-USEN)

Idwala unlocked unprecedented flexibility and new economies of scale by transforming ...

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Modified: 2016-11-11
Desert Research Institute Case study (C) - USEN

Leveraging IBM PureSystems offerings, DRI created a powerful, scalable and reliable ...

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Modified: 2016-11-11
Kingland Systems uses the cloud to onboard new customers in minutes

To get customers up and running quickly, Kingland Systems Corporation replaces manual ...

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Modified: 2016-11-11
Turkish Economy Bank Inc. accelerates time to market

Experiencing delays when releasing new banking services, the IT group at Turkish ...

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Modified: 2016-09-16
ASE improves sales retention by 12 percent with mobile solution

To differentiate itself in a highly competitive marketplace, ASE uses IBM Operational ...

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Modified: 2015-05-19
Hemas Holdings PLC (Case study-USEN)

Diversified conglomerate Hemas Holdings found the cure to complexity when it adopted ...

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Modified: 2015-02-27
Safety Insurance - Finding the key to retaining high-value customers while realizing significant operational savings

By providing a single view of customer data across multiple systems, IBM PureData ...

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Modified: 2015-01-27
MagNet - Finding the key to sky-high magazine sales with hot-off-the-press insight

MagNet saw an opportunity to deliver deeper insight into magazine sales and help ...

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Modified: 2014-12-18

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