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   1.Kraft Heinz Company 
 The Kraft Heinz Company, working with IBM® Global Business Services®, migrated its SAP Business Warehouse application to the SAP HANA® platform—enabling it to deliver more advanced analytics to the business and easily accommodate exploding volumes of data. 
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   2.New York Life Insurance empowers employees and unlocks time savings by transforming HR systems 
 New York Life Insurance deployed a cloud-based solution from IBM and SAP that empowers employees to access information and take action. 
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 Italian managed services provider Dedagroup launches a new cloud offering that combines the real-time processing power of SAP HANA with the leading performance and reliability of IBM Power Systems servers, giving clients on-demand access to cutting-edge IT capabilities at low cost. 
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 Finanz Informatik Technologie Service found that demand for alternative IT systems was growing. To offer clients greater choice, the company worked with Empirius to implement IBM DB2. Today, clients can choose exactly how they want to run their SAP systems and save big on licensing costs. 
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   5.SCHWENK Zement KG 
 Manufacturer SCHWENK Zement KG relies on SAP solutions to manage the production and delivery of cement to construction companies. To ensure round-the-clock operations, SCHWENK runs IBM® DB2® for z/OS® on IBM zEnterprise® BC12 and achieves 99.999% availability. 
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   6.Hirschmann Automotive 
 Running its mission-critical SAP ERP application on cutting-edge IBM POWER8 servers, IBM DB2 and IBM storage provides immense performance and outstanding reliability for Hirschmann Automotive, enabling capacity and materials planning to be completed up to three times faster. 
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   7.Ecogas: Fueling rapid growth and building game-changing analytics capabilities with IBM and SAP 
 Ecogas upgraded to IBM POWER8 servers, speeding payment processing by 73 percent and compliance reporting by 83 percent. Now, Ecogas is deploying SAP for Utilities running on SAP HANA, unleashing game-changing analytical capabilities. 
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   8.Shyam Indus Power Solutions engineers greater cost control for surging revenues 
 SIPS engaged IBM Global Business Services to drive company-wide integration, underpinned by new unified processes and the deployment of SAP solutions. The solution enables SIPS to take on three times the workload and cut costs by six percent, contributing to a 15 percent revenue increase. 
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   9.Sociedad Militar Seguro de Vida 
 Argentinian company SMSV standardizes and automates financial processes that help it to align its business with strict industry standards when it works with IBM Global Business Services to deploy a comprehensive SAP ERP suite. 
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   10.Kennametal: Delivering industry-leading customer services with a platform for rapid insight from IBM and SAP 
 To sustain innovation and drive improvements in on-time delivery to clients, Kennametal worked with IBM® Global Business Services® to migrate SAP® ERP to a SAP HANA® in-memory database—enabling Kennametal to serve its customers better and view key performance indicators faster. 
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   11.Multinational utility company: SAP Mobile Platform enables efficient working, secure access for field teams and annual ... 
 By introducing the SAP mobile platform, this multinational gas and electricity utility company enabled a mobile workforce, generating solution operating savings of more than £1 million annually. 
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   12.PeroxyChem LLC 
 To take on management of its business systems following divestiture from its parent company, PeroxyChem engaged IBM to migrate and deliver its mission-critical SAP ERP applications as a service in the SoftLayer cloud—avoiding capital investment in infrastructure and minimizing disruption. 
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 SAP Value Added Reseller Ctac wanted to support its customers’ process innovations and deployed SAP HANA on IBM® Power Systems™ as a tailored data center integration solution, providing a scalable cloud offering for cost-effective real-time analytics, reducing deployment time by 95 %. 
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   14.Baldor integrates new corporate acquisition, cuts IT costs as proportion of sales by 50 percent 
 Baldor non-disruptively migrated its SAP Business Suite applications from an IBM® System z10® Enterprise Class server to an IBM zEnterprise® EC12 server. 
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 A multi-utility operator in Italy integrates its waste collection processes and builds a roadmap for business process automation when it engages IBM Global Business Services to optimize its ERP platform using SAP Waste Management. 
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   16.Leading chemicals manufacturer 
 This leading chemicals manufacturer found that its disparate business applications were often down, due to endless software upgrades. The company unified operations on a single SAP ERP instance running on IBM technology, ensuring processes run smoothly. 
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   17.Brooks Brothers refashions human resources with SuccessFactors and IBM, sees 50 percent productivity gain 
 International clothing company Brooks Brothers totally transforms global human capital management with cloud-based solution from SuccessFactors, expertly tailored by IBM Global Business Services. 
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   18.G2 Tecnologia 
 To make enterprise technology affordable for small firms, G2 launched SAP Software-as-a-Service offerings backed by IBM Cloud Managed Services. The IBM cloud offers 30 percent faster performance and the ability to roll out new functionality four times faster, delighting clients and helping to win market share. 
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 VEKA relies on SAP applications to keep production lines rolling and clients happy. To gain the stability it needed to keep production on track, VEKA migrated its SAP systems to IBM Power 770 servers running IBM i, enabling reliable manufacturing processes with 40% faster SAP performance. 
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   20.AbbVie builds a global pharmaceuticals company on new foundations with SAP and IBM 
 AbbVie selected IBM to help roll out enterprise-wide standardized SAP-enabled processes, aligning supply chain, finance and procurement solutions that would support the new, independent company. 
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   21.CPFL Energia - Reducing risk and boosting customer service with accelerated billing runs 
 CPFL Energia boosted performance by deploying an IBM FlashSystem 840 as a tier zero storage layer, mirroring the top ten percent most-accessed tables in the Oracle database supporting its SAP billing application. This cut the overnight billing run from eight hours to five—a 37.5% reduction 
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   22.TE Connectivity - Kicking off an internal transformation for ultra-reliable IT services on a global scale 
 TE Connectivity ensures 24/7 access to IT for a global workforce of 90,000 people by moving critical SAP applications to IBM DB2 and Power Systems with help from IBM Migration Factory, boosting performance, cutting costs, reducing business risk and enabling growth. 
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   23.Anna Aluminium gains the capacity to grow (Case study-USEN) 
 Indian homeware manufacturer Anna Aluminium implemented SAP ERP with IBM DB2 database on an IBM System x3650 class servers connected to an IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Storage System. The company can now process customer orders in 10 minutes - a 94 percent improvement. 
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