TE Connectivity - Kicking off an internal transformation for ultra-reliable IT services on a global scale

TE Connectivity ensures 24/7 access to IT for a global workforce of 90,000 people ...

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Modified: 2018-02-06
Kraft Heinz Company

The Kraft Heinz Company, working with IBM® Global Business Services®, migrated its ...

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Modified: 2018-02-06

Sipchem partnered with IBM to align people, processes and innovative SAP solutions, ...

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Modified: 2018-01-04
Leading chemicals manufacturer

This leading chemicals manufacturer found that its disparate business applications ...

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Modified: 2018-01-04
International Textile Limited gears up for spectacular growth

International Textile Limited brings super-soft towels to customers in 20 percent ...

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Modified: 2018-01-04
Hirschmann Automotive

Running its mission-critical SAP ERP application on cutting-edge IBM POWER8 servers, ...

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Modified: 2017-12-20

CenturyLink has migrated to SAP HANA running on IBM Power Systems servers, accelerating ...

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Modified: 2017-12-15
Danish Defence

Danish Defence supports military operations with up to ten times faster reporting ...

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Modified: 2017-11-16
AbbVie builds a global pharmaceuticals company on new foundations with SAP and IBM

AbbVie selected IBM to help roll out enterprise-wide standardized SAP-enabled processes, ...

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Modified: 2017-11-08

Italian MSP Dedagroup gives clients on-demand access to cutting-edge IT capabilities ...

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Modified: 2017-08-14
CPFL Energia - Reducing risk and boosting customer service with accelerated billing runs

CPFL Energia boosted performance by deploying an IBM FlashSystem 840 as a tier zero ...

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Modified: 2017-06-22
Coop Genossenschaft

Coop Group is leveraging the SAP Customer Activity Repository application powered ...

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Modified: 2017-05-08
AES Corporation

To drive its global growth, AES Corporation worked with IBM Global Business Services ...

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Modified: 2017-04-24

SAP Value Added Reseller Ctac wanted to support its customers’ process innovations ...

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Modified: 2017-02-15
Multinational utility company: SAP Mobile Platform enables efficient working, secure access for field teams and annual ...

By introducing the SAP mobile platform, this multinational gas and electricity utility ...

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Modified: 2017-01-31

A multi-utility operator in Italy integrates its waste collection processes and builds ...

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Modified: 2017-01-23
Brooks Brothers refashions human resources with SuccessFactors and IBM, sees 50 percent productivity gain

International clothing company Brooks Brothers totally transforms global human capital ...

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Modified: 2017-01-23
G2 Tecnologia

To make enterprise technology affordable for small firms, G2 launched SAP Software-as-a-Service ...

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Modified: 2017-01-12
CertainTeed Corporation

CertainTeed nails improvements to operational efficiency with freshly built SAP applications ...

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Modified: 2016-12-23
SAP University Competence Center at Technical University of Munich: Next-generation IBM infrastructure sharpens ...

This paper describes how UCC at TUM uses IBM technology to provide scalable, reliable ...

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Modified: 2016-11-23

Finanz Informatik Technologie Service found that demand for alternative IT systems ...

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Modified: 2016-11-11
Kennametal: Delivering industry-leading customer services with a platform for rapid insight from IBM and SAP

To sustain innovation and drive improvements in on-time delivery to clients, Kennametal ...

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Modified: 2016-11-10
Shyam Indus Power Solutions engineers greater cost control for surging revenues

SIPS engaged IBM Global Business Services to drive company-wide integration, underpinned ...

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Modified: 2016-11-10
PeroxyChem LLC

To take on management of its business systems following divestiture from its parent ...

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Modified: 2016-11-10
New York Life Insurance empowers employees and unlocks time savings by transforming HR systems

New York Life Insurance deployed a cloud-based solution from IBM and SAP that empowers ...

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Modified: 2016-09-09

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