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   1.Transport for London 
 Transport for London (TfL) transformed its operations for Congestion Charging (CC) and Low Emission Zone (LEZ) schemes, reducing traffic congestion, improving air quality and raising revenue for investment in transport projects for the capital city. 
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   2.How cloud computing and analytics enhance efficiency and the Wimbledon experience 
 IBM solutions increase engagement with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships 
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   3.Vissensa - Cornering the MSP market with full spectrum hybrid cloud services that meet any client need 
 Managed service provider Vissensa seized first-mover advantage by building a hybrid cloud model that supports an end-to-end scope of Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service offerings, helping the company meet any client need. 
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   4.The University of Groningen (Case study-USEN) 
 The University of Groningen partnered with IBM Global Technology Services to implement a state-of-the-art data processing and storage infrastructure for its Target project. The highly flexible environment delivers extremely high throughput levels and excellent resource utilization. 
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   5.Radical transformation lets Unilever Europe focus on growth and winning in the marketplace 
 A European division of an international CPG company uses intelligent technology, instrumented asset-based process solutions and global delivery capabilities to create a more flexible, adaptable operating model that contributed to the company’s EUR700 million annual savings. 
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