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IBM Services literature: Technical Computing

Lenovo recently acquired IBM x86 products in the United States and other countries. IBM will continue to host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo.
For faster cancer diagnosis and treatment, a top U.S. research hospital optimized the analysis of genomic information by deploying IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS). The solution cuts some processing from days to hours, speeding the delivery of ...

December 2014 | PDF | 523 KB
To support its clinical and research work aimed at transforming personalized cancer treatment, Caris Life Sciences deployed IBM high-performance computing and storage technologies to analyze, manage and store huge volumes of laboratory-generated data - ...

September 2014 | PDF | 843 KB
To bring new products to market ahead of competitors’ offerings and cut design costs, Cypress removed storage bottlenecks for its IBM Platform LSF computational clusters by deploying IBM GPFS. The solution offers up to ten times better performance and ...

May 2014 | PDF | 690 KB
Hartree Centre extended its IBM System x platform with IBM NeXtScale System servers to support the advanced research and development needs of its UK-based clients - helping drive sustainable energy use and deliver a competitive advantage for its clients.

March 2014 | PDF | 725 KB
CME Group is using IBM Platform Symphony to maximize the performance and scalability of its enterprise computing grid, delivering the rapid insight it needs to better respond to changing market conditions and client demands.

November 2013 | PDF | 263 KB
A*CRC had high levels of user discontent and not enough computational resources for the population of users or the number of research projects. Platform LSF acted as the single unifying workload scheduler and helped rapidly increase resource utilization.

July 2013 | PDF | 1 MB
Infiniti Red Bull Racing is using IBM Platform Computing software to power its high performance computing infrastructure for both design applications and near real-time race analytics, giving the racing team the edge it needs to design and run the best ...

July 2013 | PDF | 696 KB
A major Wall Street bank deployed a compute and data grid based on IBM Platform Symphony and 6,000 nodes of IBM System x iDataPlex. The solution matches the previous grid's performance with just one quarter the hardware, saving tens of millions of dollars...

February 2013 | PDF | 694 KB
Swift Engineering wanted a solution where they spent more time solving complex problems than administering the system. Cray’s CX 1000 combined with Platform HPC allowed Swift to solve bigger problems with more enhanced graphics with real time speed.

July 2012 | PDF | 3 MB
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, produced 120 TB of raw data per week that had to be processed for analysis. Platform LSF helped the Institute run up to half a million sequence matching jobs a day, resulting in improved workload management, researchers’ ...

June 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
Though Red Bull Technology had made hefty investments in IT, the compute resources were operating below its full potential. Platform LSF intelligently scheduled workload and dynamically allocated resources which helped increase performance and throughput ...

May 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
This Oilfield service provider used Platform MPI and saw a host of benefits, including a two-thirds reduction in time-to-software release. It also provided greater flexibility in migrating to new hardware and software solutions.

May 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
This major Hollywood studio wanted to improve the computer time required to render animated films. Using HPC solution powered by Platform LSF increased compute capacity allowing release of two major feature films and multiple animated shorts.

May 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
This energy company wanted to cut manufacturing and capital costs, and have a simple cluster management solution. Platform Cluster Manager helped run more design simulations before building new plants or deploying new production processes thus reducing ...

May 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
This pharma client needed timely, uninterrupted access to full computing resources and find a tool capable of monitoring grid activity and job execution. Platform LSF and Platform RTM enabled users to maximize their ability to do work, and helped IT ...

May 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
University of East Anglia wished to create a “green” HPC resource, increase compute power and support research across multiple operating systems. Platform HPC increased compute power from 9 to 21.5 teraflops, cut power consumption rates and costs and ...

May 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
This European energy supplier wanted to increase work without increasing number of licenses and capture license usage data for independent pay-per-use calculations. Platform License Scheduler and Platform Analytics controlled license usage and accurately ...

May 2012 | PDF | 2 MB
This insurance company wanted to scale out from a small, overloaded cluster to hundreds of machines to handle increased workload. Platform Symphony helped it run up to 10x more scenario models at once and reduced time to run complex stochastic simulations...

May 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
With IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M3 servers at the heart of its new supercomputer, Chulalongkorn University has a high-performance computing platform that is also efficient and compact, meeting the organization's Green Campus objectives.

October 2011 | PDF | 518 KB
To provide a testbed for the applicability of cloud computing to scientific research, the Argonne National Laboratory within the U.S. Department of Energy deployed a high-performance cloud based on IBM System x iDataPlex compute nodes with Mellanox ...

May 2011 | PDF | 245 KB

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