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Revised:  February 27, 2018.

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Product life cycle dates
Program NumberVRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5900-A1Z00.00.002018/02/272018/02/27 - -

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Program number
  • IBM Watson Education Classroom (5900-A1Z)

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Watson Education Classroom is bringing education into the cognitive era by transforming the learning experience through personalization. Cognitive solutions that understand, reason, and learn help educators gain insights into the learning styles, preferences, and aptitude of every student. The results are holistic learning paths, for every learner, through their lifelong learning journey.

Watson Education Classroom is a cloud service solution that helps teachers deliver truly personalized learning to improve student outcomes. With Watson Education Classroom, teachers gain the data to understand students' needs and personalize learning activities. Teachers can search for and share learning content, including lesson plans, tests, and worksheets, all with an intuitive, teacher-focused interface.
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IBM Watson Education Classroom helps teachers realize impressive outcomes in the classroom:

  • Provides a 360-degree view of students, including academic, social, and behavioral
  • Supports personalized curricula through cognitive computing
  • Encourages sharing of data between educators

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Watson Education Classroom components:

  • IBM Watson Element for Educators, an enabling software component, is an IBM MobileFirst education application for Apple iOS. It provides teachers with a holistic view of their students by consolidating and collecting various academic, social, and behavioral data sources. Gone are the days of paper-based performance tracking, which means educators have more face time with students as well as immediate feedback to guide instructional decisions.
  • IBM Watson Enlight for Educators is a browser-based planning tool. It supports teachers with curated learning content and access to key insights into students' academic strengths and weaknesses. Watson Enlight for Educators provides deeper insights and lesson planning from the data collected on Apple iPads in the classroom and in systems of record throughout the school district. These insights help teachers personalize interactions with each student in the classroom.

Both components are powered by Watson Education Insights that provides three services:

  1. Mastery of the student, which is a comprehensive 360-degree view of each student.

  2. Learner analytics, which is a collection of analytics that provide insight on a student's learning progress.

  3. Cognitive learning library, which is a library of content that has been analyzed by Watson to enable the servicing of recommendations to educators.

When Watson Education Classroom is deployed in a school district, data and content are aggregated into the IBM data cloud from these school districts' systems of record.
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Operating environment

Software requirements

Supported platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9

Browsers supported

  • On Mac 10.11 and 10.13:
    • Mozilla Firefox 52.5
    • Safari 11.0
    • Google Chrome 63.0
  • On Microsoft Windows
    • Mozilla Firefox 57
    • Google Chrome 63.0

Devices supported:

  • iPad running iOS 10, iOS 11

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Planning information

Customer responsibilities

Not applicable.
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