5725-C99 IBM Connect:Direct V6.0

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Revised:  December 04, 2018.

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Product life cycle dates
Program NumberVRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5725-C9906.00.002018/12/042018/12/07 - -
5725-C9905.03.002018/03/062018/03/09 - -
5725-C9905.01.002011/04/192011/04/29 - 2017/09/30
5725-D0005.02.002011/04/192011/04/29 - -
5725-D0102.05.002011/04/192011/04/29 2015/04/302016/04/30
5725-D0303.04.002011/04/192011/04/29 - -
5725-D0606.00.002018/08/212018/08/24 - -
5725-D0605.02.062015/10/272015/10/30 - -
5725-D0605.02.002011/04/192011/04/29 - 2019/09/30
5725-D0706.00.002018/08/212018/08/24 - -
5725-D0702.02.062015/10/272015/10/30 - -
5725-D0702.02.002011/04/192011/04/29 - 2019/09/30
5725-D0805.05.002011/04/192011/04/29 - -
5725-D0906.06.002011/04/192011/04/29 - -

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Program number
  • IBM Connect:Direct V6.0 (5725-C99)
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Express V5.2.0 (5725-D00)
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise V2.5.0 (5725-D01)
  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy V3.4.0 (5725-D03)
  • IBM B2B Integrator V6.0.0 (5725-D06)
  • IBM File Gateway V6.0.0 (5725-D07)
  • IBM Sterling Gentran:Director V5.5.0 (5725-D08)
  • IBM Sterling Gentran V6.6.0 (5725-D09)

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IBM B2B Integrator

IBM B2B Integrator, previously IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, can orchestrate B2B exchanges that include high-volume electronic message exchange, complex routing, translation, and flexible interaction to enable process automation between internal systems and external business partners.

IBM File Gateway

IBM File Gateway, previously IBM Sterling File Gateway, consolidates disparate centers of file transfer activity and securely facilitates the exchange of file-based information at the edge of the enterprise, regardless of format, protocol, and file size. With its advanced onboarding features, extensive communication channel support, and dynamic mailbox-based routing, IBM File Gateway can help to improve operational execution and time to revenue through a centralized, automated, and secure B2B-enabled managed file gateway.

IBM Connect:Direct

IBM Connect:Direct, previously IBM Sterling Connnect:Direct, is a point-to-point file transfer software that is optimized for high-volume, assured data delivery of files within and between enterprises.

Sterling Secure File Proxy

This demilitarized zone (DMZ) based application proxy that can help protect internal networks from the security risks associated with Internet-based trading partner, customer, and supplier data exchanges.

IBM Sterling Gentran

A trusted electronic data interchange (EDI) and data translation solution to help you rapidly and accurately process orders and other electronic business information with your customers and trading partners.

IBM Sterling Connect:Express

IBM Sterling Connect:Express is a multi-platform, multi- protocol solution for secure, automated transfers over "open" French and other European protocols, including PeSIT/SSL and ODETTE/SSL.
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Watson Supply Chain includes B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer solutions. For information about Watson Supply Chain, see IBM Marketplace
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IBM B2B Integrator

IBM B2B Integrator helps companies integrate complex B2B/EDI processes with their partner communities. It provides a single, flexible B2B platform that supports most communication protocols, helps secure your B2B network and data and achieve high availability operations. The offering enables companies to reduce costs by consolidating on a single B2B platform and helps automate B2B processes across enterprises while providing governance and visibility over those processes.

Find the latest information about IBM B2B Integrator on IBM Marketplace

Learn more about IBM B2B Integrator at IBM Knowledge Center

IBM File Gateway

IBM File Gateway enables companies to consolidate all their internet file transfer use cases on a single "edge" gateway. The offering helps secure your B2B collaboration network and the data flowing thru it, trading partners can use myFileGateway for self- service and it scales to support the processing requirements of the business. Companies who deploy IBM File Gateway find it helps IT staff and users become more efficient and reduces the cost of ownership to process internet file transfers.

Find the latest information about IBM File Gateway on IBM Marketplace

Learn more about IBM File Gateway at IBM Knowledge Center

IBM Connect:Direct

IBM Connect:Direct provides security-hardened, point-to-point file transfers to lessen dependency on unreliable File Transfer Protocol (FTP) transfers. It is optimized for high-volume delivery of files within and among enterprises. The solution ensures more reliable movement of files, from batch integration and movement of large images or catalogs, to synchronization with remote locations.

Find the latest information about IBM Connect:Direct on IBM Marketplace.

Learn more about IBM Sterling Connect:Direct at IBM Knowledge Center.

IBM Secure Proxy

IBM Secure Proxy helps secure and shield your trusted network by preventing direct connectivity between external partners and internal servers. It can secure your network and data exchanges at the network edge to enable trusted business-to-business transactions and MFT file exchanges. As a demilitarized zone (DMZ)-based proxy, Secure Proxy uses multi-factor authentication, SSL session breaks, closing of inbound firewall holes, protocol inspection and other controls to ensure the security of your trusted zone.

Find the latest information about IBM Secure Proxy on IBM Marketplace.

Learn more about IBM Sterling Secure Proxy at IBM Knowledge Center.

IBM Gentran

IBM Gentran is a versatile, high performance solution, designed to assist with the exchange of EDI and other types of data. It consists of several logical components: a data store, process, communication controllers, and user interface clients. Gentran is a point product intended to address one need the translation of inbound and outbound B2B files and messages.

Find the latest information about IBM Gentran on IBM Marketplace.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A US Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) containing details on accessibility compliance can be requested at


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Operating environment

Hardware requirements

For the most current Hardware requirements, see Software Product Compatibility Reports

Software requirements

For the most current Software requirements, see Software Product Compatibility Reports
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Planning information

Customer responsibilities

The client is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.
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Find information about the following Watson Supply Chain B2B Collaboration and MFT solutions at IBM Knowledge Center.

  • IBM B2B Integrator
  • IBM File Gateway
  • IBM Connect:Direct
  • IBM Secure Proxy
  • IBM Gentran

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Security, auditability, and control

B2B Collaboration and MFT solutions offerings use the security and auditability features of the host hardware or software.


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