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Revised:  July 10, 2018.

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Product Life Cycle Dates
Program NumberVRM Announced Available Marketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5725-U3800.00.002014/12/162014/12/18 - -
5725-R6500.00.002014/12/162014/12/18 - -
5737-C7400.00.002016/11/222016/11/22 - -
5737-C7300.00.002016/11/222016/11/22 - -
5725-U3200.00.002014/12/162014/12/18 - -

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Program number
  • IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud (5725-U38)
  • IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud Paygo (5725-R65)
  • IBM Bluemix Dedicated Data Repositories (5727-U32)
  • IBM Db2 on Cloud (5737-C74)
  • IBM Db2 on Cloud Paygo (5737-C73)

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IBM Db2 on Cloud offers a simplified database solution that is purpose-built for massive amounts of data. This solution is a fully managed service and designed for transactional workloads. No setup is required and IBM handles maintenance and updates, such as backups and security.

The Db2 on Cloud Disaster Recovery Node can now be added on demand. The Disaster Recovery Node provides the capability to keep a mirrored copy of your database in an offsite IBM Cloud data center of your choice, regardless of distance.

  • Uses Db2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) technology
  • Enables users to fail over to the Disaster Recovery Node and back with a few clicks

IBM offers an even larger bare metal plan for enterprise workloads. The bare metal plan offers 1 TB of RAM and over 7 TB of storage space.

The IBM Db2 SQL database engine is a fusion of technologies from IBM Db2, IBM Netezza, and IBM Compose products. It is 100% compatible with Db2 drivers, helping existing users to easily transition to the cloud.

Getting started with Db2 on Cloud is easy. You can rapidly create a Db2 on Cloud cloud database on IBM Bluemix.

IBM provides free trials and by-the-day billing to make trying the product simple.

IBM Db2 on Cloud is optimized for general purpose, transactional, or web workloads.

IBM Db2 on Cloud now offers larger database workloads on IBM Bluemix Dedicated private cloud infrastructure service. Previously available for Db2 on Cloud on the Bluemix public cloud, this new IBM Cloud Service enables sensitive industries using IBM's private cloud service to leverage a simplified database solution that is fully managed and designed for massive amounts of data.

IBM Db2 on Cloud is designed to provide private cloud clients with:

  • An easy, problem-free way to run Db2. No setup is required and IBM handles maintenance and updates, such as backups and security.
  • Optimized storage capacity of up to 48 cores, 1 TB of RAM, and 11 TB of storage space
  • An easy-to-use web console for importing and running SQL and administrating the system.
  • High availability plans that can minimize downtime. These plans offer a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement and rolling updates for security patches.

Check out the full IBM Db2 product family at the IBM Db2 website.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is a fully managed, enterprise-grade cloud data warehouse service that enables true hybrid data warehousing. To complement the existing SMP and MPP plans, a "Flex" plan is available that offers the performance of MPP with greater flexibility for consumption and deployment of storage and compute resources.

The Flex plan packages three key capabilities: independent scaling of storage and compute, self-service backup and restore, and significant improvements in high availability (HA).

With the Flex plan, clients can fully customize their data warehouse, with the option to increase compute cores during heavy database use. Once the extra demand on the warehouse has subsided, clients can scale back down to reduce their costs. In addition, the Flex plan offers immediate storage expansion, so clients can start with the initial storage they need and increase capacity with a few clicks at a later date to accommodate data growth.

The new Flex plan also gives clients more control over their database backups. With self-service backups, clients can keep up to seven backups of their database. They can choose the time of day their backups are taken, and restore from one of these backups whenever they choose. Significant improvements in service availability have also been made through the IBM Cloud Container Service.

Bring Your Own License (BYOL) options for broader access to robust cloud toolset

The BYOL options for IBM Db2 on Cloud and IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud offerings provide you with access to selected Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud services at a reduced cost if you already hold entitlements for Db2 Developer, Db2 Advanced Edition, and Db2 Workgroup Edition.

These BYOL products enable you to deploy your Db2 entitlements in the cloud or in your data center as your business requires, providing true hybrid capabilities for your DB2 entitlements.

Db2 on Cloud

Db2 on Cloud provides database as a service on the IBM Cloud. It offers the rich features of an on-premises Db2 deployment without the cost, complexity, and risk of managing your own infrastructure. Based on Db2 software, it comes with a preconfigured instance that is optimized for online transaction processing applications.

Key features and benefits of Db2 on Cloud include:

  • Accelerates and simplifies deployment, enabling you to take advantage of Db2 without the need for an on-premises infrastructure
  • Offers optional high availability with a 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Provides Oracle database compatibility

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is the IBM data warehousing and analytics service in the cloud. This innovation leverages IBM BLU Acceleration and advanced, in-database, predictive analytics capabilities.

  • A fully managed service. By eliminating the need to maintain a data warehousing infrastructure, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud enables you to focus on your business, not the business of data warehousing. A fully managed solution in the cloud, it provides users with the capability to build more with rapid provisioning and no infrastructure investment. Built-in performance, no tuning requirements, and embedded simplicity give your organization the potential to grow more, without the need to scale infrastructure and staff. Also, database analytic capabilities help your organization gain better insights into your business and data.
  • Robust partner ecosystem. Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is compatible with advanced tooling such as IBM Watson Analytics, the R language, and with a wide range of third-party business intelligence and extract, transform, and load tools.
  • Quick access to your data and insights. Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is designed to help you unlock the potential of your data by providing a solution that delivers on the promise of speed, simplicity, and agility, without sacrificing security and reliability.

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Product positioning

Db2 joins Watson Analytics and DataWorks portfolio as a core part of the IBM cloud-based analytics initiatives. DataWorks enables the fluid data layer that allows data to move easily from one environment to another (with built-in quality and cleansing), and Watson Analytics provides the cognitive visualization of that data. Db2 is the high- performance, analytically structured data store that enables high- performance queries and analytics.

Db2 is part of the IBM Watson Foundations (also known as big data platform). It complements technologies such as Db2 with BLU Acceleration, the PureData System for Analytics (Netezza), Big Insights (Hadoop), InfoSphere Streams, and other big data components.

Db2 provides a managed, cloud-based infrastructure for data warehousing and analytics.
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IBM Db2 on Cloud offers a database as a service on IBM SoftLayer global cloud infrastructure in IBM Bluemix. It offers the rich features of an on-premises database deployment without the cost, complexity, and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

A larger bare metal plan is released with 1 TB of RAM and over 7 TB of disk storage space.

IBM Db2 on Cloud brings the following public cloud service benefits to private cloud clients:

  • Provides private cloud clients with fully managed cloud database service
  • Enables capacity optimization of up to 48 cores,1 TB RAM, and 11 TB storage systems
  • Enables enterprises to move larger workloads into a fully private cloud infrastructure

In addition to the current symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and massively parallel processing (MPP) standard plans for IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, a new "Flex" plan supports:

  • Independent, on-demand scaling of compute cores and storage capacity
  • Self-service backup and restore, with up to seven retained snapshots
  • Significant improvements in high availability (HA) through the IBM Cloud Container Service
  • A flexible consumption model that allows for hourly billing of compute and storage

IBM Db2 on Cloud Bring Your Own License (BYOL) gives clients with existing IBM Db2 entitlements access to Db2 on Cloud. This access provides robust online transaction processing (OLTP) capabilities, delivering:

  • Accelerated and simplified deployment. Take advantage of Db2 without the need for an on-premises infrastructure.
  • Native encryption to improve control of data. Leverage the benefits of infrastructure as a service with the confidence of knowing your data is encrypted in flight, while in use, and at rest.
  • A solution sized to meet your business demands and help reduce infrastructure costs.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud BYOL offers data warehousing and analytics services that help you focus on your business, not on the business of data warehousing:

  • Fully-managed and secure data warehouse in the cloud
  • Fast analytics with IBM BLU Acceleration for delivery of actionable insights
  • A design that includes in-database analytics and R support

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With infrastructure increasingly moving into the cloud, clients are looking to create an SQL database that's cloud-friendly.

IBM Db2 on Cloud is a fully-managed, hassle-free cloud database service. It's based on a fusion of the popular DB2 and Netezza database engines.

You can rapidly deploy an encrypted, mirrored cloud SQL database in just three clicks. No complex cloud configurations or desktop tools are required to install or administer your database. The Db2 web console includes an SQL editor and the core tools needed to get started.

Clients can save an enormous amount of time and cost in setting up and administering a database by using Db2 on Cloud instead.

Security and Compliance

IBM Db2 on Cloud provides both on-disk encryption (encryption "at rest") and SSL encryption in transit. This is provided by default and is automatically set up, out-of-the-box.

The service is ISO 27001 certified and is SOC2 type 1, type 2, and type 3 certified.

Connectivity and Integration

IBM Db2 supports all native Db2 drivers, SQL, PureData, .NET, ODBC, and JDBC. It's highly compatible with Netezza and Oracle Database.

Reliability Features

IBM provides enterprise-grade reliability on the high-availability plans for Db2 on Cloud. High-availability plans allow a secondary server to take over operations should the primary Db2 server fail. High-availability plans qualify for a 99.99% uptime SLA.

New "Flex" plan for IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud complements the SMP and MPP plans that are currently offered.

The Flex plan allows for independent, on-demand scaling of compute cores and storage capacity, giving clients greater control of resource consumption and increased efficiency with their operational expenses. This differs from the current SMP and MPP plans that do not offer this flexibility, and offer only fixed configurations of compute cores and storage capacity.

After selecting a base level of compute cores and storage capacity, clients using the Flex plan have the ability to independently adjust their compute cores and storage capacity in predefined increments based on their own workload requirements. Compute cores can be increased to support periods of peak demand, and then scaled back to their previous state once demand has subsided. Storage can also be increased on-demand to accommodate data growth. Clients can choose whether to perform a scaling operation immediately, or schedule a scaling operation to happen sometime in the future if necessary.

In addition, the Flex plan offers greater control over database backups. Up to seven daily backups are retained, and clients can choose to restore from one of these backups whenever they desire.

The Flex plan is currently available in the IBM Cloud data center in Dallas, with plans for expansion to other IBM Cloud data centers in the coming year. New clients can select the base Flex plan configurations and have their instance provisioned within an hour on IBM Cloud. Clients with existing SMP or MPP plans can work with IBM to provision an instance of a Flex plan and migrate to the new instance at the client's requested time and date.
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Operating environment

Hardware requirements


Software requirements

  • Supported browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer)
  • High-speed Internet connection to public Internet
  • Supported BI and analytic tools (optional)
  • Supported ETL tool (optional)

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Planning information

Customer responsibilities

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.
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No hardcopy publications are shipped with this program.

The IBM Publications Center portal is located on


The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. Payment options for orders are via credit card (in the US) or customer number for 20 countries. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats, and they can all be downloaded by all countries, free of charge.


Db2 information can be found on the IBM Db2 website.
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Security, auditability, and control

IBM Db2 uses the security and auditability features of the host hardware or software.


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