5799 - XL C/C++ FOR BGQ V12.1

RPQ Number:P10246

     CREATED:  2012-06-01          REVISED:  2018-02-13          
     P10246 - XL C/C++ FOR BGQ V12.1      
     Lab of Control:   RSW
     Plant/Field Installation: FO  (Field Only)
     RPQ Type:   P (Program RPQ (PRPQ))

RPQ/PRPQ Machine Type and Model

***** Discontinued from Service:  2018-02-13
***** Withdrawn from Marketing:   2018-02-13
     MARKET:     AP                MACHINE:    5799              
     ORDERING:   Non-standard RPQ (I)  (Lab approval required)
     MODELS:     AG1  
     MARKET:     CAN               MACHINE:    5799              
     ORDERING:   Non-standard RPQ (I)  (Lab approval required)
     MODELS:     AG1  
     MARKET:     EMA               MACHINE:    5799              
     ORDERING:   Non-standard RPQ (I)  (Lab approval required)
     MODELS:     AG1  
     MARKET:     LA                MACHINE:    5799              
     ORDERING:   Non-standard RPQ (I)  (Lab approval required)
     MODELS:     AG1  
     MARKET:     USA               MACHINE:    5799              
     ORDERING:   Non-standard RPQ (I)  (Lab approval required)
     MODELS:     AG1  
     SPECIFY DESCRIPTION                   MKT   
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     SC5809  CD-ROM MEDIA SUPPLY           AP 
     SC5809  CD-ROM MEDIA SUPPLY           CAN
     SC5809  CD-ROM MEDIA SUPPLY           EMA
     SC5809  CD-ROM MEDIA SUPPLY           LA 
     SC5809  CD-ROM MEDIA SUPPLY           USA

Detailed Description

Unless otherwise agreed upon, Program Services for this program is     
discontinued effective December 31, 2017.                              
This PRPQ (Program Request for Price Quotation) offers the             
IBM XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1 licensed compiler for the          
IBM Blue Gene/Q system solution.                                       
XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q is a standards-based, high-performance        
C/C++ compiler released for the IBM Blue Gene/Q system. This compiler  
delivers advanced optimization and performance-tuning features gained  
from years of optimization experience at IBM. XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q 
is the third generation of the XL compilers which has been designed    
and released in support of the IBM Blue Gene family of supercomputers. 
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:                                                   
The XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q compiler has been enhanced with specific  
features for the IBM Blue Gene/Q system.                               
-This compiler has support for the Quad Processing eXtension (QPX)     
 instruction set within Blue Gene/Q.                                   
 -Provisions for Auto-SIMD (Single Instruction/Multiple Data) to       
  generate QPX instructions directly from your C/C++ and Fortran code. 
 -New data types and intrinsic procedures are introduced to support    
  the QPX instructions. With QPX intrinsic procedures, you can         
  efficiently manipulate vector operations in your application.        
-Improved Mathematical Acceleration Subsystem libraries (MASS and      
 MASSV) with exploitation of the QPX instruction set and specific      
 tuning of these libraries for the Blue Gene/Q system.                 
-Transactional memory is a model for controlling concurrent memory     
 access in the scope of parallel programming. Language extensions      
 are added to the compiler to exploit transaction memory to allow a    
 group of loads and stores to execute in an atomic way.                
-Thread-level speculative execution uses specific Blue Gene/Q          
 hardware support that dynamically detects thread conflicts and        
 rolls back conflicting threads for re-execution. Directives are       
 added to the compiler to allow you to speculatively parallized        
 loops without the need to rewrite the code.                           
-The -qarch=qp compiler option produces object code that runs on       
 Blue Gene/Q platforms. The -qtune=qp compiler option specifies that   
 optimizations are tuned for Blue Gene/Q platforms. These options are  
 enabled for Blue Gene/Q by default.                                   
Because the XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q is based on the XL C/C++ for      
AIX and Linux, Blue Gene programmers gain the benefit of numerous      
enhancements and continuous quality improvements of these compilers.   
Enhancements from XL C/C++ for AIX and XL C/C++ for Linux              
included in this release are:                                          
Improvements for Debugging Optimized Code                              
Debugging information is generated by the compiler for use by a        
symbolic debugger and makes the program state available to the         
debugging session at selected source locations. The program state      
refers to the values of user variables at certain points during the    
execution of a program. In this release of the compiler, the           
-g compiler option is extended to improve the debugging of optimized   
programs. The various -g levels allow you to choose a balance between  
debug capability and compiler performance.                             
Higher -g levels provide a more comprehensive debug support, but at    
the cost of run time and compile time performance. Lower -g levels     
provide higher run time performance, but at the cost of reduced        
capability in the debugging session.                                   
Full control of the debug capability is now available at the -O2       
optimization level. At higher levels of optimization, the debug        
capability is limited.                                                 
OpenMP 3.1                                                             
The OpenMP API supports multi-platform shared-memory parallel          
programming in C, C++ and Fortran n many architectures including       
UNIX platforms and Microsoft Windows platforms. OpenMP is a portable,  
scalable programming model that provides parallel programmers a simple 
and flexible, standard interface for developing parallel applications  
for platforms ranging from the desktop to the supercomputer.           
The specification is defined by the OpenMP organization,               
a group of computer hardware and software vendors, including IBM.      
You can find more information about OpenMP specifications              
at http://www.openmp.org                                               
In this release full support for latest OpenMP 3.1 is made available   
to allow you to further exploit parallel programming. For increased    
performance, OpenMP in XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q exploits the QPX       
instructions of the Blue Gene/Q system and is tuned for the large      
number of threads available on Blue Gene/Q.                            
The XL C/C++ implementation is based on the IBM interpretation         
of the OpenMP Application Program Interface Version 3.1.               
Compile Time Performance and Scalability Improvements                  
Internal improvements to the compiler (for example alias analysis)     
are made to speed up the gathering of information that is passed       
between the components within the compiler. This can help speed up     
compile time, notably for large applications.                          
The amount of memory required for internal compiler functions such as  
pointer analysis and aliasing is reduced, helping improve the          
efficiency of the compiler and to subsequently improve the usage of    
your machine resources.                                                
The location of the header files which are repeatedly used in your     
application, are cached within the compiler to speed up overall        
processing during compile time.                                        
Additional internal compiler components including the optimizer make   
use of the greater addressability of 64-bit, thereby helping improve   
compile time and allowing significantly larger programs to be          
Programming Standards                                                  
As a standards-based compiler, the XL C compiler in XL C/C++ for       
Blue Gene/Q, V12.1, is designed to be fully compliant with             
ISO/IEC 9899:1999, the C99 programming language standard. With this    
release, XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q adds initial support for             
ISO/IEC 9899:2011, the C11 (formerly C1X) programming standard.        
The XL C++ compiler in XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1, is fully       
compliant with ISO/IEC 14882:2003, the C++ 2003 programming standard.  
It includes additional support for ISO/IEC 14882:2011, the C++11       
(formerly C++0X) programming standard. The XL C++ compiler also        
includes partial support for C99 and C11.                              
ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS                                                  
This is a non-standard, I-listed PRPQ and requires IBM Lab approval    
before an order can be placed.                                         
For guidance on how to order a PRPQ, see the section below on          
PRPQ Request Information.                                              
To order a license for XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1, specify the    
program id 5799-AG1 and the applicable feature codes for a quantity.   
The charge unit for XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1 is per half of a   
Blue Gene/Q rack. To order a license (for example) 2 Blue Gene/Q       
racks, you would need to specify a quantity of 4.                      
Order the Supply Feature to ship the physical media.                   
EMEA/LA Ordering Note: The feature codes included in this PRPQ are     
only four characters in length, because that is the field maximum for  
the PRPQ tool. You will require a six-digit feature code               
(such as MPxxxx).                                                      
Software Subscription and Support (SW S&S)                             
One year of software subscription and support is included with your    
order. However, to be eligible for support, you must first register    
by placing an order for product id:                                    
5799-AG2 (PRPQ P10247) - total 1 year of S&S                           
5799-AG3 (PRPQ P10248) - total 3 years of S&S.                         
The following are the related software subscription and support PRPQs  
which provide for software subscription and support in 1 year and      
3 year increments for a fee:                                           
Program                            Program      PRPQ                   
Name                               Number       Number                 
-------                            -------      ------                 
XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1    5799-AG2     P10247                 
SW S&S No Charge Registration/                                         
1 Year Renewal                                                         
XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1    5799-AG3     P10248                 
SW S&S 3 Year Registration                                             
XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1    5799-AG6     P10249                 
SW S&S 3 Year Renewal                                                  
XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1    5799-AG4     P10250                 
SW S&S 1 Year After License                                            
XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1    5799-AG5     P10251                 
SW S&S 3 Year After License                                            
PRPQ REQUEST INFORMATION                                               
This is a non-standard, I-listed PRPQ and requires internal lab        
approval before order fulfillment.                                     
To request approval to order this PRPQ follow these steps:             
  - Add this Lotus Notes Database to your workspace                    
    - Server D03DBL02/03/A/IBM                                         
    - r_dir\rpqreq.nsf                                                 
  - Once you have this database open, then click on -My Requests-      
  - Then click on -Create Request-                                     
  - Fill in the blanks and click on -Submit-                           
  - Use the Product ID for this PRPQ: 5799-xx1                         
  PRPQs in the United States are requested for approval via the United 
  States Lotus Notes RPQ Request Process and are ordered by the CSO    
  via U.S. ordering processes. If you have any problems ordering the   
  PRPQ, contact Special Product Marketing representative.              
  Use the link and ID: Americas Post Announcement Support/Slovakia/IBM 
  or AMPOST at IBMSK. The link is where the RPQ requests should be     
  submitted. Global Fulfilment Support, IBM ISC Bratislava, Slovakia   
  - Forms must be submitted from the country in which the bid is being 
    made, by a user with a local Lotus Notes ID.                       
  - Start the approval process through the                             
    Lotus Notes db: D03DBL02/03/A/IBM r_dir\rpqereq.nsf.               
  - Create an RPQ Request Form and submit it, this will be received by 
    Europe RPQ Coordinator                                             
  - RPQ coordinator will assign the -PRPQ Approval Number- and submit  
    the request through the RPQs system for approval                   
  Please contact your ordering representative for assistance. For EMEA 
  ordering information, see SWORDERINFO (EPLC) on HONE. For price      
  information, see the HONE SW Price application. For further          
  assistance with EMEA ordering information,                           
  contact SDFMAIL@DK.IBM.COM.                                          
  - Start the approval process by contacting the Latin America         
    Techline organization which provides RPQ submittal support for     
    Latin America.TECHLINE@US.IBM.COM                                  
  Please use - Access GFS                                              
  - http://cqrfa.vienna.at.ibm.com:8080/agfs/access/indexservlet       
  - Select Post Announcement Support.                                  
  You must provide all mandatory information and attach details of     
  your request via AP RPQ request form which is available at the front 
  Note: For ordering PRPQs in EMEA/AP/LA, contact the responsible      
  fulfillment account representative who normally orders your          
  equipment via AAS/WTAAS.                                             
PLANNING INFORMATION:                                                  
Web Information                                                        
For information regarding the IBM XL C/C++ compilers, visit            
TERMS AND CONDITIONS:                                                  
The information provided in this document is for reference and         
convenience purposes only. The terms and conditions that govern any    
transaction with IBM are contained in the applicable contract          
such as the IBM International Program License Agreement and the        
IBM Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance.                 
Licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA), 
Z125-3301 with license information unique to the offering as contained 
in the License Information Document                                    
License Information form number: L-JYIP-8TJSZM                         
The program's License Information will be available for review on the  
IBM Software License Agreement website                                 
Program technical support:                                             
Technical support of a program product may be available for a minimum  
of three years from the initial availability date, as long as your     
Software Maintenance is in effect. This technical support allows you   
to obtain assistance (via telephone or electronic means) from IBM for  
product-specific, task-oriented questions regarding the installation   
and operation of the program.                                          
Money-back guarantee:                                                  
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the Program and you are    
the original licensee, return it within 30 days from the invoice date, 
to the party (either IBM or its reseller) from whom you acquired it,   
for a refund. For clarification, note that this term applies only to   
your first acquisition of the Program.                                 
Educational allowance available: No                                    
Academic Initiative: No                                                
Volume Orders (IVO): No                                                


 SPECIFIED OPERATING ENVIRONMENT                                       
 Hardware requirements:                                                
 This PRPQ is specifically offered for the IBM Blue Gene/Q System      
 Software requirements for application execution:                      
 o Blue Gene/Q tool chain and runtime environment package              
 Hardware requirements for compilation on a Front End node:            
 o Hard disk space:                                                    
   -Approximately 300 MB for product packages                          
   -At least 2 GB for paging                                           
   -At least 512 MB for temporary files                                
    (High levels of optimization can require more space for paging and 
    temporary files.)                                                  
 Software requirements for compilation on a Front End node:            
 o Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (RHEL 6.2) operating system which is   
   supported by the IBM Power System servers.                          
 o An instance of -- gcc 4.4.5                                         
 o Perl 5.0 or greater                                                 
 o Optional GUI: K Desktop Environment (KDE) or GNOME for applications 
   and tools with an X-Windows graphical interface                     
 o Viewers to access and display the documentation such as:            
   -A frames-capable browser to access HTML documentation              
   -A PDF viewer to access PDF documentation                           
 IBM XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1 is a server product that has a    
 charge unit of per half Blue Gene/Q rack.                             
 This program is warranted for the IBM Blue Gene/Q operating           
 environment only.                                                     
 XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q may be used in conjunction with              
 RHEL 6.2 -for testing and debugging of applications-. Customers who   
 wish to create and run applications targeted to Linux distributions,  
 such as RHEL6.2, should license the XL C/C++ for Linux compiler.      
 NATIONAL LANGUAGE SUPPORT:                                            
 This program is not translated.                                       
 This program is available in U.S. English only.                       
 No translated messages or translated publications are available.      
 SECURITY, AUDITABILITY, AND CONTROL                                   
 This program uses the security and auditability features of the host  
 hardware or software.The customer is responsible for evaluation,      
 selection, and implementation of the security features, administrative
 procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and       
 communication facilities.                                             
 This document may provide references to non-IBM Web sites and         
 resources. IBM makes no representations, warranties, or other         
 commitments whatsoever about any non-IBM Web sites or third-party     
 resources that may be referenced in this document. A reference to a   
 non-IBM Web site does not mean that IBM endorses the content or use of
 such Web site or its owner. In addition, IBM is not a party to or     
 responsible for any transactions you may enter into with third        
 parties, even if you learn of such parties (or use a link to such     
 parties) from an IBM document. Accordingly, you acknowledge and agree 
 that IBM is not responsible for the availability of such external     
 sites or resources, and is not responsible or liable for any content, 
 services or resources. Any software provided by for any content,      
 services, products, or other materials on or available from those     
 sites or resources. Any software provided by third parties is subject 
 to the terms and conditions of the license that accompanies           
 that software.                                                        
 Copyright IBM Corporation 2007, 2012.                                 
 US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or           
 disclosure by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.                
 IBM, POWER, PowerPC, Blue Gene, and Blue Gene/Q are trademarks or     
 registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation  
 in the United States, other countries, or both.                       
 Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United       
 States, other countries, or both.                                     
 Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service
 marks of others.                                                      

Product Control Information

 Revision Number            : 3   Development/Market            : D
 Location of Control        : RSW Purchase only                 : N  
 Return to IBM              : N   Net Price device              : N
 Customer Parts Required    : N   Cable Specification Required  : N  
 Customer Setup Required    : N   Reconfiguration Required      : N  
 Quick parts/wire add/remove: N   Warranty Options Available    : N  
 Current Disposition Code   : 11  Government or Commercial Price: 0  
 Feature Code/Model Change  : PRP Standard Feature Required     : N  

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5799 5799-AG1

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