Expanded Enterprise Support Option (ESO) service features for Custom Technical Support are now available

IBM United States Services Announcement 614-008
April 15, 2014

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Enterprise Support Option (ESO) expands Custom Technical Support (CTS) level coverage to include all hardware problems reported via the CTS Direct Access Code (DAC) and Severity 1 hardware problems reported via other channels for eligible Power Systems™ and System x® servers and expands the depth of support skills assigned to partnering with you under CTS for Power Systems, System x, and Storage. In addition, ESO for Storage clients will also receive tracking of all hardware problems reported to the CTS team and routed to the field plus full Technical Advisor services for all Storage products.

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The most cost effective way to achieve a resilient IT infrastructure is to supplement your in-house technical resources with highly skilled IBM® product support specialists. Custom Technical Support (CTS) service is an add-on to standard Base support services for hardware (warranty and/or HWMA) and software/product usage (SWMA or Support Line). CTS combined with Base Hardware and Software Support is called Premium Support. It provides comprehensive support from IBM support specialists that includes account management, assistance with problem prevention, and enhanced problem resolution for Power Systems and System x servers as well as external Storage devices. CTS is primarily an operating system and storage software/product usage service enhancement but it also includes service enhancements for server and storage hardware problems reported to the CTS team via the CTS Direct Access Code (DAC). These hardware service enhancements include the ability to report hardware problems directly to the CTS team via the unique CTS DAC, potential for Live Call or maximum 30-minute response times 24 x 7, initial problem determination, direct resolution if possible or, if not possible, routing to hardware on your behalf. The CTS team will also provide problem coordination/management assistance to the hardware team for any Severity 1 hardware problem routed to them and escalation for Severity 2, 3, and 4 problems on your behalf as needed.

Enterprise Support Option (ESO) is an optional add-on to standard CTS that provides you with the pricing and service flexibility to further enhance the level of support provided by standard CTS in two key areas.

  • ESO Integrated Hardwareexpands CTS coverage for Severity 1 hardware problems reported via the DAC to include Severity 2, 3, and 4 problems as well. In addition, the CTS team will monitor and become engaged as needed for Severity 1 hardware problems reported via other channels, for example, directly to hardware or automated Call Home problems that are raised to a Severity 1.
  • ESO Integrated Priority Development Support Team (PDST)supplements your CTS team by integrating additional IBM skilled product support personnel into day-to-day CTS support services. This includes additional resources focused on providing assistance with problem prevention and ensuring priority response to critical reported problems at all levels of the IBM Support and Development infrastructure.

This new enhancement to ESO will further increase the value and effectiveness of IBM support for clients who want to maximize the efficiency and resiliency of their business-critical Storage, Power Systems, and System x IT environments. This enhancement is focused on ESO for Storage and delivers two additional service features.

  • ESO for Storage Integrated Hardware:The CTS Storage team will now track all Severity hardware problems in which they have become engaged and subsequently transferred to the field. They will provide updates to the client on problem status and become engaged as needed to ensure such problems are driven to fast, efficient resolution by IBM field personnel.
  • ESO for Storage Integrated PDSTfunction will now be performed by the Technical Advisor (TA) team. This change will provide CTS-ESO for Storage clients with all the benefits of CTS and TA in one comprehensive service package that delivers seamlessly managed day-to-day technical support for Storage hardware/software reported problems and assistance with problem prevention/maximization of product usage that includes Change Management, reports, advice, and consultation.

Adding ESO to CTS and Base Hardware and Software support provides a level of service from IBM that is ideally suited to meeting the needs of business-critical IT environments that will maximize IT availability and lower overall IT operational costs.

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  • IBM Maintenance for the entitled Hardware products
  • Software Maintenance (SWMA), Support Line (SL), or Passport Advantage® (PA) services for the entitled Software products

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April 15, 2014

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Custom Technical Support (CTS) enterprise support options (ESO)

US CTS is a customizable service offering designed to provide the highest level of remote support available for Power Systems, System p®, System i®, System x, x86 OEM, and external Storage servers/devices. It is focused on operating system and storage software support but includes service enhancements for hardware that expand its coverage beyond the core software products. It is provided by an assigned software product support specialist and a dedicated team of similar product support experts. It is focused on managed problem prevention and fast, efficient resolution of any problems that do occur. It provides a range of regular electronic and voice communication designed to achieve these goals, and exclusive access to an analytical tool that provides diagnostic/management information for servers with installed AIX®, Windows™, and Linux™ operating systems and external Storage attached to them. In addition, it can be customized to meet the specific service needs of a customer.

Current ESO

The current implementation of Enterprise Support Option is a package of two additional service features which, when added to standard CTS, is designed to take CTS to a higher level of comprehensive support for IT environments that clients deem to be business critical.

Enterprise Support Option (ESO) includes the following components.

Integrated Hardware/Softwareenhances the comprehensive support provided by CTS by including additional service features for hardware associated with eligible servers/storage devices. This service component provides full CTS level service for all severity hardware problems reported directly to the CTS dedicated team, monitoring/assistance of Severity 1 hardware problems reported via other channels (reported directly to hardware, automated hardware call-home problems that are rated as Severity 1), and inclusion of all such hardware problems worked by the CTS team in the scheduled Service Activity Report.

Integrated Priority Development Support Teamensures fast, reliable access to deep product skills for problem prevention and resolution by formalizing engagement of deep Product Development for software and field engineering-level skills into daily CTS support.

The ESO bundle makes it easy to enhance CTS in a significant and highly valuable way at an attractive price.

ESO requires that the customer have a valid CTS contract in effect for any product that requires ESO and that they purchase a minimum of one x Specialist Support Day (SSD) when they purchase ESO.

2014 ESO Enhancement

ESO for Storage Products: Integrated Priority Development Support Team (PDST)

By utilizing the Technical Advisor Team to provide the PDST service element of ESO for all storage products, you get assistance when you have a problem. In-depth advice/consultation aimed at problem prevention complements CTS and maximizes your current and future ROI from your IBM Storage products. Standard ESO PDST for Storage is provided remotely but the standard CTS onsite review options can be utilized to allow the assigned TA to perform onsite assistance as needed and mutually agreed.

ESO for Storage Products: Integrated Hardware

The CTS team will monitor/track into the field any hardware problems reported to IBM and in which the CTS has been actively engaged before the issue was routed to the field. The CTS team will provide status updates to the client as needed and will provide assistance in reaching problem resolution when appropriate.

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