IBM Wave for z/VM Version 1.1 simplifies management of z/VM and Linux guests with intelligent visualization

IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa Software Announcement ZP14-0036
February 24, 2014

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IBM® Wave for z/VM® V1.1:

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Organizations that want to expand their business using virtualization technology often find that they are limited by budget, skills, management complexity, and other challenges. With IBM Wave for z/VM (IBM Wave), IT organizations can unleash the power of z/VM virtualization, improve productivity, and simplify administration and management to jump-start their journey to a highly virtualized private cloud environment.

IBM Wave allows IT organizations and service providers to simplify and automate z/VM administration and management by using an intuitive graphical, content-rich interface to manage z/VM and Linux guests. IBM Wave is designed to simplify operations, drive productivity, reduce dependency on expert skills, and help accelerate the steps typically needed to transform a virtualized environment into a private cloud infrastructure. IBM Wave helps reduce the complexity of managing a scalable z/VM infrastructure, using a powerful content-rich user interface, to help manage even the most sophisticated virtualized computing environments.

IBM Wave is a virtualization management solution designed to help you intuitively manage both Linux virtual servers and z/VM. Using IBM Wave, you can automate repeatable tasks, such as provisioning new Linux servers, to help improve quality and reduce the potential for errors. IBM Wave helps you remove management obstacles associated with administering and maintaining Linux guests so you can direct your time to more business-critical tasks. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with z/VM and Linux environments. This integration helps you view and organize resources and manage your virtualized infrastructure more cost effectively by enabling your technical teams to be more self-sufficient.

IBM Wave provides many features that can simplify and automate virtual server management:

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Key prerequisites
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IBM System z® server using a currently supported release of z/VM

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Planned availability date
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February 28, 2014

Availability of programs with encryption algorithm in France is subject to French government approval.

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IBM Wave provides a simplified approach to the management of IBM System z servers running z/VM and Linux. System z servers can be configured with z/VM instances that can run hundreds to thousands of virtual Linux servers with each one supporting individual workloads. IBM Wave's intelligent visualization of the virtual server environment and physical infrastructure provides intuitive management of physical servers, z/VM, Linux guests, and other resources. IBM Wave provides the necessary capabilities for complete virtual server provisioning, can readily scale to handle the most complex installations, and is an ideal solution to begin transitioning to a highly virtualized cloud infrastructure. With IBM Wave, you can rapidly gain insight into your entire virtualized infrastructure topology at a glance and also accelerate the path to using private clouds.

Cloning and provisioning to accelerate the management of virtualized environments

Intelligent visualization for effective management

Management and configuration


IBM Wave helps IT staff provision resources and images easily to dramatically reduce administrative complexity and reduce needed skills. It is designed to help IT reduce labor cost and improve the quality and efficiency of operations, with centralized control to manage even the most complex and large server environments, consistently and according to your defined policies. It can help you manage systems and resources, and improve the quality of management, reducing the chance of operator error and expensive corrections.

IBM Wave can:

IBM Wave is compatible with several versions of z/VM and can manage supported Linux distributions. It is a consumable management solution to help perform management and provisioning of virtualized infrastructure in today's environment as well as in a highly virtualized or cloud-based infrastructure.

IBM Wave sets a new bar for the management of virtualized environments, using advanced, innovative visualization to help you gain productivity. IBM Wave is ideal for managing a dynamically changing environment or for setting up new virtualized infrastructures. Through its unique design and interface, IBM Wave simplifies resource management and helps deliver the foundation you need to manage even the most complex, virtualized environments. IBM Wave helps you manage virtualized resources and Linux guests, configure z/VM environments, provision virtual servers, clone guests, and understand storage use and network resources across CPCs. IBM Wave makes virtualization management easy so IT staff can focus their time on more business-critical tasks.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A US Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) containing details on accessibility compliance can be requested at

Engine-based Value Unit pricing

Engine-based Value Unit pricing for IBM Wave is designed to provide a decreasing price curve as hardware capacities and workload grow, which may help improve price/performance.

There may also be a price benefit when you grow your capacity. Additional capacity is not priced starting at the base with a flat price per unit. Instead, additional capacity is priced starting at the capacity (processors) on which IBM Wave has already been installed, which may result in a lower unit price.

Note: Value Units of a given product cannot be exchanged, interchanged, or aggregated with Value Units of another product.

A no-charge Subscription and Support registration record will be established for each designated machine where IBM Wave is running. These no-charge Subscription and Support registration records will be linked to the billable Subscription and Support and all billable Subscription and Support within the scope of the engine-based Value Units aggregation will be linked together.

Subscription and Support (S&S) is an annual charge and should be kept at an annual term.

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Product positioning
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IBM Wave is an innovative z/VM management solution that not only drives superior insight into z/VM management and administrative functions, but delivers compelling visualization capabilities, such as grouping of resources, filtering, electronic notes, and rotating displays. Designed for IT organizations as well as service providers, this solution helps simplify the management of even the most complex z/VM environments. IBM Wave combines information-rich management with visualization to provide a user experience to reduce the cost and complexity of operations, management, and administration. Innovations like digital reminder notes provide a policy-based management approach to effectively manage even the most complex z/VM infrastructures.

IBM Wave is designed to reduce errors through innovative interfaces, dramatically simplifying z/VM management, and can be suitable for staff of various skill levels. IBM Wave manages a broad spectrum of resources, clones or provisions Linux images, manages user accounts, and provides reporting functions, all quickly and intuitively. With its deep visibility into z/VM and Linux resources you can organize and structure your environment and accelerate critical steps needed for building a private cloud.

IBM Wave provides value to system administrators, system programmers, operators, or service providers that are challenged by the lack of time for complicated management tasks. IBM Wave benefits the IT manager who must reduce the cost and delays of Linux deployment on z/VM and optimize the use of limited, highly skilled resources. It helps accelerate your path to a private cloud using the skills you may already have available. Organizations consolidating Linux on z/VM can host more virtual servers than any other platform in a single footprint. The value of this cost-effective consolidation platform is amplified even further when using the rich management environment of IBM Wave.

IBM Wave is an essential tool for simplifying and automating z/VM and Linux virtual server management. Other IBM products, such as IBM Tivoli® OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux and IBM Operations Manager, are complementary products you may wish to consider for additional z/VM management capabilities. For additional z/VM systems and storage management products, visit

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Reference information
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For information about IBM z/VM and the Performance Toolkit for VM, refer to:

For information about the IBM zEnterprise®, refer to:

For information about the System z10® Enterprise Class, refer to Hardware Announcements:

For information about the System z10 Business Class, refer to Hardware Announcements:

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Program number
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Program                Program
number         VRM     name
5648-AE1       1.1.0   IBM Wave for z/VM
5648-AE2       1.1.0   IBM Wave for z/VM S&S

IBM Wave services

IBM STG Lab Services can provide services to help you quickly deploy and exploit IBM Wave. Lab Services has a team of System z specialists with in-depth experience with z/VM, Linux, and IBM Wave and specializes in helping clients get the most out of their new System z technology. The services provide assistance with all phases of deployment (planning, installation, configuration, and training). Lab Services can work with you to help ensure you are getting the most out of the product by demonstrating use cases and configuring the product to best fit your needs. Lab Services can help with integration aspects, such as Microsoft™ Active Directory-based authentication and role definitions, so the product can be safely utilized by more than just your system programmers. In many cases, you can expect the services to be completed within a few days. Lab Services is focused on virtualization and Linux on System z, and specialized requests are accepted and handled. Lab Services have been helping System z clients build customized provisioning solutions to fit their specific business needs for years.

To learn more about our offerings, visit

To discover what IBM System Lab Services and Training can do for you, contact us at

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Offering Information
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Product information is available via the Offering Information website

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The IBM Wave for z/VM product information includes three publications in Adobe™ PDF format and one license information DVD:

Title                                     Order number
IBM Wave for z/VM Agreements
 and License Information (DVD)            LC27-6120
IBM Wave for z/VM: License
 Information (PDF)                        GI13-3435
IBM Wave for z/VM: Administration
 and Customization (PDF)                  SC27-6118
IBM Wave for z/VM: User Guide
 and Reference (PDF)                      SC27-6119

One copy of the license information DVD is supplied with IBM Wave for z/VM when physical media is ordered. When ordering IBM Wave from Shopz, the license information can also be viewed or downloaded from Shopz.

The publication PDF files can be obtained from the IBM Publications Center at

The IBM Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. A large number of publications are available online in various languages and file formats, and they can be downloaded by all countries, free of charge. Payment options for orders of physical media are via credit card (in the USA) or customer number for 20 countries.

You can view a PDF file using the Adobe Reader, which is available free from the Adobe website at

You can also print the entire publication or just the section in which you are interested.

IBM Wave product page

For current information on IBM Wave and for related resources, refer to the website at

Redbooks® and Redpapers™

IBM Redbooks and Redpapers are developed and published by the IBM International Technical Support Organization (ITSO). They are intended to develop and deliver skills, technical know-how, and materials to IBM technical professionals, IBM Business Partners, clients, and the marketplace in general.

IBM Redbooks can be found at

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Technical information
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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

IBM Wave requires one of the following IBM System z servers running a currently supported release of z/VM :

Prior to installing, refer to the following Preventive Service Planning (PSP) buckets for the minimum MCL level and any required updates or PTFs:

Software requirements

IBM Wave requirements

Linux on System z

In order to operate Linux on System z as a guest of z/VM, a Linux on System z distribution must be obtained from a Linux Distribution Partner. IBM WAVESRV requires one of the following Linux distributions:

For specific function and for the most current information on Linux distributions, refer to

For current promotional pricing for Linux distributions, refer to

The program's specifications and specified operating environment information may be found in documentation accompanying the program, if available, such as a readme file, or other information published by IBM, such as an announcement letter. Documentation and other program content may be supplied only in the English language.

Companion products

IBM Wave utilizes the Performance Toolkit for VM feature of z/VM (Performance Toolkit for VM), if present, to collect performance information from z/VM and Linux guests for monitoring of the system behavior. High-level performance data can be viewed for every active z/VM guest, as well as globally for the entire z/VM system.

For more detailed performance management and alerting, IBM offers OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux. For additional information about OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux refer to Software Announcement ZP10-0106, dated April 27, 2010.

Planning information

Customer responsibilities

If you want the level of service provided under the IBM ICA license agreement with S/390® and z/VM licensed products, you are strongly encouraged to order the program number for IBM Wave for z/VM S&S (5648-AE2). This program number provides enhanced support that includes telephone assistance (voice support for defects during normal business hours) and access to updates, releases, and versions of the program for as long as support is in effect. IBM Wave for z/VM S&S will be automatically added to your order. If you do not want the S&S license for IBM Wave for z/VM, you must take specific action to decline this support.

To host Linux guests on z/VM, you must also obtain a Linux for System z distribution. Information on those Linux distributor partners that have a marketing relationship with IBM can be found at

IBM Wave for z/VM

The IBM Wave for z/VM product package is distributed with the following:

Security, auditability, and control

The announced product uses the security and auditability features and functions of host hardware, host software, and application software. The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Global Technology Services®

Contact your IBM representative for the list of selected services available in your country, either as standard or customized offerings, for the efficient installation, implementation, or integration of this product.

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Ordering information
Bottom rule

Consult your IBM representative.

Order z/VM SDO through the Internet

Shopz provides an easy way to plan and order System z software, including IBM Wave. Using Shopz, you can quickly generate orders for the z/VM SDOs. Additionally, Shopz will ensure your order is technically correct (that is, ensures any corequisite or prerequisite or incompatibility conditions are resolved to ensure timely order placement and processing). Shopz is available in the United States and several countries in Europe. In countries where Shopz is not available yet, contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner to handle your order via the traditional IBM ordering process. For more details and availability, visit the Shopz website at

Pricing metric description

The product in this announcement has one pricing metric - Value Units based on the number of processors. Value Unit pricing offers a decreasing one-time charge (OTC) price per engine, subject to the tiers as documented in Value Unit Exhibit VUE021. Value Units of a given product cannot be exchanged, interchanged, or aggregated with Value Units of another product.

Engine-based Value Unit pricing of IBM Wave for z/VM is different than MSU-based Value Unit pricing, which is available on other IBM software products.

                                Program             Pricing metric
Program name                    number              description

IBM Wave for z/VM               5648-AE1            Value Units

Value Unit pricing for the IBM Wave S&S provides a lower price per processor as more Value Units are licensed with IBM Wave. You may aggregate the capacity for all the processors running IBM Wave across the enterprise to achieve a more economical price. There may also be a price benefit when you increase your capacity. Additional capacity is not priced starting at the base with a flat price per unit. Instead, additional capacity is priced starting at the capacity on which IBM Wave for z/VM has already been installed, which may result in a lower unit price.

Engine-based Value Unit pricing is designed to provide a lower entry price and a decreasing price curve as hardware capacities and workload grow, which may help improve price/performance. Engine-based Value Unit pricing is different than MSU-based Value Unit pricing, which is available on other IBM software products. Value Unit pricing may help clients:

Translation from Processor to Value Units

The total number of engine-based Value Units is calculated according to the following example.

If the customer has installed six processors and will be operating IBM Wave on all six processors, the applicable Value Units would be:

  (3 * 10) + (3 * 9) = 57 Value Units

The product in this announcement is available with IBM Software On/Off Capacity on Demand (On/Off CoD). If you are running On/Off CoD on your IBM servers, you can now also pay for IBM Wave for z/VM on a processor per-day basis during your peak periods. For additional information about On/Off CoD, refer to Software Announcement ZA03-0227, dated August 12, 2003 and Marketing Announcement 304-004, dated January 13, 2004.

The program in this announcement has Value Unit-Based pricing.

number          Program name            Value Unit exhibit
5648-AE1        IBM Wave for z/VM       VUE021

For each System z IPLA program with Value Unit pricing, the quantity of that program needed to satisfy applicable IBM terms and conditions is referred to as the "required license capacity." Your required license capacity is based upon the following factors:

Value Unit exhibit VUE021

Engine-based Value Units for a specified number of engines are determined by the following table:

                    Engines   Engines   Value Units
Level               minimum   maximum   per engine
From 1 to 3         1         3         10
From 4 to 6         4         6         9
From 7 to 9         7         9         8
From 10 to 12       10        12        7
From 13 to 16       13        16        6
From 17 to 20       17        20        5
From 21 to 25       21        25        4
For more than 25    26         +        3

Basic license

To order, specify the program product number and the appropriate license or charge option. Also, specify the desired distribution medium. To suppress shipment of media, select the license-only option in CFSW.

Program name: IBM Wave for z/VM

Program PID: 5648-AE1

Entitlement                              License option/
identifier     Description               Pricing metric
S017GXR        IBM Wave for z/VM         Basic OTC, per Value Unit
Orderable supply ID    Language          Distribution medium
S017GXP                US English        DVD
Subscription and Support PID:  5648-AE2
Entitlement                          License option/
identifier     Description           Pricing metric
S017GXV        IBM Wave for z/VM     Basic MSC, per Value Unit SW S&S
                                     No charge, decline SW S&S
                                     No charge, SW S&S registration
Orderable supply ID    Language      Distribution medium
S017GXT                US English    DVD

Subscription and Support

To receive voice technical support via telephone and future releases and versions at no additional charge, Subscription and Support must be ordered. The capacity of Subscription and Support (Value Units) must be the same as the capacity ordered for the product licenses.

To order, specify the Subscription and Support program number (PID) referenced above and the appropriate license or charge option.

IBM is also providing Subscription and Support for these products via a separately purchased offering under the terms of the IBM International Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance. This offering:

When Subscription and Support is ordered, the charges will automatically renew annually unless cancelled by you.

The combined effect of the IPLA license and the Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance gives you rights and support services comparable to those under the traditional ICA S/390 and System z license or its equivalent. To ensure that you continue to enjoy the level of support you are used to in the ICA business model, you must order both the license for the program and the support for the selected programs at the same Value Unit quantities.

On/Off CoD

IBM Wave for z/VM is eligible for On/Off CoD with a temporary use charge calculated based on processor-per-day use.

IBM Wave for z/VM (5648-AE1) Temporary Use Charge

identifier      Description           License option/Pricing metric
S017GXR         IBM Wave for z/VM     On/Off CoD, Per Processor-day TUC

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Terms and conditions
Bottom rule

The information provided in this announcement letter is for reference and convenience purposes only. The terms and conditions that govern any transaction with IBM are contained in the applicable contract documents such as the IBM International Program License Agreement, IBM International Passport Advantage® Agreement, and IBM Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance.


IBM International Program License Agreement including the License Information document and Proof of Entitlement (PoE) govern your use of the program. PoEs are required for all authorized use.

Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance

The following agreement applies for Software Subscription and Support (Software Maintenance) and does not require customer signatures:

This program is licensed under the IBM Program License Agreement (IPLA) and the associated Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance, which provide for support with ongoing access to releases and versions of the program. This program has a one-time license charge for use of the program and an annual renewable charge for the enhanced support that includes telephone assistance (voice support for defects during normal business hours), as well as access to updates, releases, and versions of the program as long as support is in effect.

License Information number


The program's License Information will be available for review on the IBM Software License Agreement website
Limited warranty applies


Limited warranty

IBM warrants that when the program is used in the specified operating environment, it will conform to its specifications. The warranty applies only to the unmodified portion of the program. IBM does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the program or that IBM will correct all program defects. You are responsible for the results obtained from the use of the program.

IBM provides you with access to IBM databases containing information on known program defects, defect corrections, restrictions, and bypasses at no additional charge. For further information, consult the IBM Software Support Handbook found at

IBM will maintain this information for at least one year after the original licensee acquires the program (warranty period).

Program support

Enhanced support, called Subscription and Support, includes telephone assistance, as well as access to updates, releases, and versions of the program as long as support is in effect. You will be notified of discontinuance of support with 12 months' notice.

Money-back guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program and you are the original licensee, you may obtain a refund of the amount you paid for it, if within 30 days of your invoice date you return the program and its PoE to the party from whom you obtained it. If you downloaded the program, you may contact the party from whom you acquired it for instructions on how to obtain the refund.

For clarification, note that for programs acquired under any of IBM's On/Off Capacity on Demand (On/Off CoD) software offerings, this term does not apply since these offerings apply to programs already acquired and in use by you.

Volume orders (IVO)


Passport Advantage applies


Usage restriction


Software Subscription and Support applies

Yes. During the S&S period, for the unmodified portion of a Program, and to the extent problems can be recreated in the specified operating environment, IBM will provide the following:

Additional details regarding Technical Assistance, including contact information, are provided in the IBM Software Support Handbook at

S&S does not include assistance for:

S&S is provided only if the Program is within its support timeframe as specified in the Software Support Lifecycle policy for the Program.

IBM Operational Support Services - SupportLine


System i® Software Maintenance applies


Variable charges apply


Educational allowance available

Yes. When ordering through the program number process, a 15% education allowance applies to qualified education institution customers.

Education Software Allowance Program applies when ordering through the program number process.

ESAP available

Yes, to qualified customers.

On/Off Capacity on Demand (CoD)

To be eligible for On/Off CoD pricing, you must be enabled for temporary capacity on the corresponding hardware, and the required contract, Attachment for IBM System z On/Off Capacity on Demand (Z125-7883), must be signed prior to use.

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Statement of good security practices
Bottom rule

IT system security involves protecting systems and information through prevention, detection, and response to improper access from within and outside your enterprise. Improper access can result in information being altered, destroyed, or misappropriated or can result in misuse of your systems to attack others. Without a comprehensive approach to security, no IT system or product should be considered completely secure and no single product or security measure can be completely effective in preventing improper access. IBM systems and products are designed to be part of a comprehensive security approach, which will necessarily involve additional operational procedures, and may require other systems, products, or services to be most effective. IBM does not warrant that systems and products are immune from the malicious or illegal conduct of any party.

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Registered external customers and IBM Business Partners can access IBMLink for charges.

To view pricing information, visit

For software prices, select "Look up IBM System z software prices (ESWPrice)" under "Prices." Specify "Price type," "Search type," and "Search value," then click "Search."

Note: Enter program number in the "Search value."

You can also contact your local IBM representative or IBM Business Partner for the applicable charges.

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing offers competitive financing to credit-qualified customers to assist them in acquiring IT solutions. Offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software, and services, from both IBM and other manufacturers or vendors. Offerings (for all customer segments: small, medium, and large enterprise), rates, terms, and availability can vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization or visit

IBM Global Financing offerings are provided through IBM Credit LLC in the United States, and other IBM subsidiaries and divisions worldwide to qualified commercial and government customers. Rates are based on a customer's credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type, and options, and may vary by country. Other restrictions may apply. Rates and offerings are subject to change, extension, or withdrawal without notice.

Financing from IBM Global Financing helps you preserve cash and credit lines, enables more technology acquisition within current budget limits, permits accelerated implementation of economically attractive new technologies, offers payment and term flexibility, and can help match project costs to projected benefits. Financing is available worldwide for credit qualified customers.

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Announcement countries
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All European, Middle Eastern, and African countries except Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Sudan, and the Syrian Arab Republic.


ECKD, HiperSockets, Redpapers, DirMaint and z10 are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

IBM, z/VM, OMEGAMON, System z, RACF, Tivoli, zEnterprise, System z10, Redbooks, S/390, Global Technology Services, Passport Advantage and System i are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both.

Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States, and/or other countries.

Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Terms of use

IBM products and services which are announced and available in your country can be ordered under the applicable standard agreements, terms, conditions, and prices in effect at the time. IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this announcement at any time without notice. This announcement is provided for your information only. Reference to other products in this announcement does not necessarily imply those products are announced, or intend to be announced, in your country. Additional terms of use are located at

For the most current information regarding IBM products, consult your IBM representative or reseller, or visit the IBM worldwide contacts page

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