Services withdrawal: Declaration of plan to discontinue lease, rental, and maintenance services for selected machines

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 917-163
September 19, 2017

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Periodically, IBM® provides notice to customers of plans to terminate services for IBM machines under an IBM Agreement. At this time, we are providing notice that selected machine types, models, and features will be discontinued from maintenance services. IBM will send no further correspondence of this nature for these machine types, models, features, or RPQs.

After the effective date, IBM will no longer offer standard hardware maintenance service for the listed machine types. IBM will offer limited hardware maintenance service available without lapse in coverage for select machine types.

For a list of affected products and effective dates, refer to the Description section.

For a list of replacement products, see the Power Systems refresh guide. The guide can be downloaded here.

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IBM will withdraw from its maintenance agreements the IBM machine types and models for the products listed below, effective on the end of support (EOS) dates listed:


Class Machine Type Model Product Name EOS Date
Blade / Flex 7778 23X BladeCenter JS23/JS43 31-Mar-19
Blade / Flex 7998 60X BladeCenter JS12 31-Mar-19
Blade / Flex 7998 61X ECLIPZ Blade 31-Mar-19
High End / Enterprise 9119 FHA Power® 595 31-Mar-19
High End / Enterprise 9125 F2A Power 575 31-Mar-19
Low End / Entry 8203 E4A Power 520 31-Mar-19
Low End / Entry 9407 M15 Power 520 Express® 31-Mar-19
Low End / Entry 9408 M25 Power 520 Express 31-Mar-19
Midrange 8204 E8A Power 550 31-Mar-19
Midrange 8234 EMA Power 560 31-Mar-19
Midrange 9117 MMA Power 570 31-Mar-19
Midrange 9406 MMA i570 31-Mar-19
Midrange 9409 M50 Power 550 Express 31-Mar-19


Class Machine Type Model Product Name EOS Date
Blade / Flex 7891 73X PS703 Blade 30-Sep-19
Blade / Flex 7891 74X PS704 Blade 30-Sep-19
Accipter Chassis 7893 92X Power Chassis 30-Sep-19
Blade / Flex 7895 22X Flex System p260 30-Sep-19
Blade / Flex 7895 42X Flex System p460 30-Sep-19
Blade / Flex 8406 70Y PS700 Blade 30-Sep-19
Blade / Flex 8406 71Y PS701/702 Blade 30-Sep-19
High End / Enterprise 9125 F2C Power 775 30-Sep-19
High End / Enterprise 9179 MHB Power 780 30-Sep-19
High End / Enterprise 9179 MHC Power 780 IOC 30-Sep-19
Low End / Entry 8202 E4B Power 720 30-Sep-19
Low End / Entry 8202 E4C Power 720 IOC 30-Sep-19
Low End / Entry 8205 E6B Power 740 30-Sep-19
Low End / Entry 8205 E6C Power 740 IOC 30-Sep-19
Low End / Entry 8231 E1C Power 710 IOC 30-Sep-19
Low End / Entry 8231 E2B Power 710/730 30-Sep-19
Low End / Entry 8231 E2C Power 730 IOC 30-Sep-19
Midrange 8233 E8B Power 750 30-Sep-19
Midrange 8236 E8C Power 755 30-Sep-19
Midrange 9117 MMB Power 770 30-Sep-19
Midrange 9117 MMC Power 770 IOC 30-Sep-19
Power Linux™ 1457 7FL Flex System p24L 30-Sep-19
Power Linux 8246 L1C PowerLinux™ 7R1 30-Sep-19
Power Linux 8246 L1S PowerLinux 7R1 30-Sep-19
Power Linux 8246 L2B PowerLinux 730L 30-Sep-19
Power Linux 8246 L2C PowerLinux 7R2 30-Sep-19
Power Linux 8246 L2S PowerLinux 7R2 30-Sep-19

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