IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS V3.1, together with related prerequisite hardware, is a high-performance software offering that delivers fast analytic query responses

IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa Software Announcement ZP12-0503
October 3, 2012

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DB2® Analytics Accelerator for z/OS® , V3.1 offers fast and predictable query response times on typically unpredictable query workloads.

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IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS V3.1, together with related, prerequisite hardware, is a high-performance software offering that is part of an integrated hardware/software solution designed to work with IBM System z® to deliver dramatically faster analytic query responses transparently to users. It integrates into DB2 10 for z/OS data warehouse environments forming a high-performance analytic query appliance powered by Netezza® technology. The total solution is an integration of IBM hardware, software, storage, and advanced technologies focused on business analytics. They combine to enable you to extract business insight from information assets and to help users get the right answers at the right time. DB2 Analytics Accelerator extends System z qualities of service of manageability, security, and availability to analytic applications, working seamlessly with the prerequisite IBM hardware.

What's new in Version 3.1

This new release extends the function of the V2.1 offering and consolidates the midyear updates into a cohesive release. It expands the use and size of the solution and helps to further improve possible savings. The adherence to an easy-to-use appliance remains unchanged.

High-performance storage saver

This feature stores a DB2 table partition or full table of data solely on the accelerator, reducing the need for host storage. This feature removes the requirement for the data to be replicated on both the DB2 storage and the Accelerator storage. Tables can now be divided between traditional database resident partitions on DB2 for z/OS and high-performance storage saver on the DB2 Analytics Accelerator.

IBM zEnterprise® EC12 support: Extending the unmatched scalability and performance of System z

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator supports the current z196 and z114 series of System z and the new next-generation System z zEnterprise EC 12 (zEC12) This new system has up to 50% system capacity performance improvement over z196 80-way, with a 25% performance improvement over the z196 uniprocessor. In addition, it includes 33% more L2 cache for instructions and data. This zEC12 has industry standard 8 GBps InfiniBand, supporting high-speed connectivity and high bandwidth. Further, it includes the new IBM zAware offering, which monitors large quantities of message logs for smarter monitoring with high-speed analytics.

Query Prioritization - Extending the value of System z workload management

Mixed workloads refers to an environment that contains a variety of types of processing and end users, each with differing levels of importance. Each of these workloads has unique users with distinct needs and the priority of meeting those needs can vary greatly. In Version 2, workload management was adhered to throughout DB2 , but when it was routed to the Accelerator those priorities were not enforced. This release brings System z workload management down to the individual query being routed to the accelerator. This helps users see to it that the most important work is completed first, while still enabling robust overall throughput.

Incremental Update - Introducing near real-time currency for all business analytics

With the new incremental update capability, tables within the accelerator are continually updated throughout the day. This technology reads the log of the database residing on DB2 for z/OS and applies those updates to the DB2 Analytics Accelerator. With this feature enabled, queries off-loaded to the DB2 Analytics Accelerator operate on a near real-time version of the data. This feature helps dramatically lower the latency of data, enabling decisions to be made based on the most up-to-date information available. You can use this feature when the workload being accelerated requires high currency of data for applications such as operational Business Intelligence (BI). The incremental update is included in the accelerator and integrated into the existing appliance form factor.

High Capacity - Extending the size and scalability

The entire Netezza 1000 product line is now supported. The DB2 Analytics Accelerator scales from one cabinet to 10 cabinets of Netezza 1000. This change reflects the demand for larger and larger accelerators to meet the needs of the larger data warehouses present on System z .

Accelerating SAP - Delivering transparent speed and real savings

DB2 for z/OS is an SAP-certified database, and the DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a natural extension to the SAP NetWeaver BW. Clients who want to transparently speed up their SAP environment will find the DB2 Analytics Accelerator a fast and easy way to deploy solution that meets their needs. This is a Plug and Play solution that most find requires no change to an existing SAP application. All queries are still sent to DB2 unchanged. Beyond the speed improvement it can also reduces processing cost by freeing up MIPS and storage space used for indexing.

UNLOAD Lite - Continuing to reduce overhead costs

UNLOAD Lite offloads z/OS MIPS when transferring data to the DB2 Analytics Accelerator via table or partition load. The current approach uses the normal DB2 UNLOAD Utility to extract the data from DB2 and to write it to an USS pipe, where it is sent via TCP/IP to the accelerator. With UNLOAD Lite, the data conversions are done on the accelerator and not on z/OS .

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator for DB2 for z/OS V3.1 can be used only in conjunction with the prerequisite products as an integrated solution. Refer to the Key prerequisites , Hardware requirements , and Software requirements sections.

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Key prerequisites
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Refer to the Hardware requirements and Software requirements sections.

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Planned availability date
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November 30, 2012

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DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS addresses the following challenges:

DB2 Analytics Accelerator delivers the following:

To accomplish these results, the DB2 Analytics Accelerator solution does not always require changes in the business intelligence (BI) or data warehouse application or the application framework. This is because DB2 remains the query engine and will offload the specific query to the accelerator. Thus, due to the transparent integration with the DB2 data server, changes are not always required to existing business applications. The implementation and administration of the DB2 Analytics Accelerator solution is supported by graphical tooling. This allows for simple initial deployment, assisted by graphical tools and largely administration-free operations.

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a query accelerator solution designed to increase your business's agility by quickly delivering insight you can use where and when it's of value. It enables you to process complex, long-running queries with greater speed.

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator provides a high-performance, integrated hardware and software accelerator for IBM System z . It delivers dramatically faster analytic query responses transparently to all users.

It delivers these features and benefits:

All components use the same foundation system, making it easier to maintain, preserving existing investments, while routinely delivering results for complex analytics queries that do table scans in seconds rather than in hours when compared to the system without the Accelarator

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator plugs into a DB2 for z/OS environment to complement traditional query processing. This add-on offering interfaces directly with DB2 , enabling deeply embedded capabilities behind the application layer. This enables full transparency to applications that submit queries to DB2 for z/OS . No changes are required to the application to take immediate advantage of the DB2 Analytics Accelerator.

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a workload-optimized platform designed for special-purpose processing. The DB2 Analytics Accelerator accelerates DB2 queries without incurring System z usage charges, while enabling dramatically faster response times. The DB2 Analytics Accelerator V3.1 exploits two of the major trends in data warehouse technology: massively parallel processing and efficient data filtering by early SQL projections and restrictions through Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).

Using this breakthrough technology, the DB2 Analytics Accelerator quickly delivers business insights in unprecedented speed and scales based on the company's ever-changing analytics needs. It offers faster business value at lower cost by combining the simplicity and rapid deployment characteristics of an appliance. It retains the benefits of having the data managed and secured by the reliable database platform DB2 for z/OS .

DB2 Analytics Accelerator is part of the System z analytics family. The DB2 Analytics Accelerator joins a comprehensive IBM data warehousing and BI solution for System z (including InfoSphere® Warehouse for System z and Cognos® 10 BI for Linux™ , Query Management Facility™ ( QMF™ ), Mashup Center, and SPSS® ). It gives clients who have the majority of their data on System z the opportunity to further leverage the platform to support a more complete and cost-effective data warehousing and BI solution.

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator software is implemented as a logical extension of DB2 for z/OS , and thus is deeply integrated with the DB2 for z/OS . The DB2 Analytics Accelerator software is shipped as SMP/E installable for the DB2-related stored procedures. The acceleration software is preinstalled on the IBM Netezza 1000. Updates to the software are installed as PTFs, which are then propagated to the Netezza 1000 appliance by calling a stored procedure.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

A US Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) containing details on accessibility compliance can be requested at

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Product positioning
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DB2 Analytics Accelerator is part of the System z analytics family. The DB2 Analytics Accelerator joins a comprehensive IBM data warehousing and BI solution for System z (including Cognos 10 BI for Linux , QMF , and SPSS ), giving clients who have the majority of their data on System z the opportunity to further leverage the platform to support a more complete and cost-effective data warehousing and business intelligence solution.

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Program number
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Program                Program
number         VRM     name
  5697-DAA    3.1.0  DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS

Product identification number

                    Subscription and
Program PID number  Support PID number 

5697-DAA            5697-SAA

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Offering Information
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Product information is available via the Offering Information website

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The IBM Publications Center portal is at

The Publications Center is a worldwide central repository for IBM product publications and marketing material with a catalog of 70,000 items. Extensive search facilities are provided. Payment options for orders are via credit card or customer number. A large number of publications are available online in various file formats. They can all be downloaded free of charge.

One copy of the following publications is supplied automatically with the basic machine-readable material.

The following publications are English only, except as noted.

DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS V3.1
 Form number           Document

 GI19-5006       - Program Directory
 GH12-6981       - License Information (17 languages)
 GH12-6982       - Quick Start Guide (English, French, and Japanese)
 GH12-6986       - Getting Started

The following product publications are available at the IBM Publications Center portal at
DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS V3.1
 Form number           Document
 SH12-6983       - Installation Guide
 SH12-6984       - Stored Procedures and Messaged Reference
 SH12-6985       - User's Guide

For additional publications visit the product's website at

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Technical information
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Specified operating environment

Hardware requirements

DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS requires an appropriately sized Netezza appliance.

The size is determined by the required performance given the amount of data, number of users, the complexity of queries and their arrival rate. This drives the configuration of the IBM Netezza 1000 appliance that is needed.

DB2 Analytics Accelerator Studio is a component of the DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS program, providing a GUI for the administration of DB2 Analytics Accelerator. DB2 Analytics Accelerator Studio consists of a number of administration plug-ins and is hosted by an IBM Data Studio Administration Client 3.1.1.

For the latest hardware requirements, refer to the following websites

For DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS

For Data Studio V3.3.1.0 (stand-alone) at
Software requirements

The DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS software requires:

To enable DB2 for z/OS to route queries to an attached DB2 Analytics Accelerator, a particular PTF needs to be applied. For details and for additional information regarding hardware and software requirements refer to the DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS support website at alytics_Accelerator_for_z~OS

The program's specifications and specified operating environment information may be found in documentation accompanying the program, if available, such as a README file, or other information published by IBM , such as an announcement letter. Documentation and other program content may be supplied only in the English language.

Planning information


DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS , V3.1:

Security, auditability, and control

DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS , V3.0 uses the security and auditability features of the host hardware or software. The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Global Technology Services

Contact your IBM representative for the list of selected services available in your country, either as standard or customized offerings for the efficient installation, implementation, or integration of this product.

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Ordering information
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Consult your IBM representative.

Charge metric
                              Part number or
Program name                  PID number           Charge metric

DB2 Analytics Accelerator      5697-DAA             Per PVU
 for z/OS, V3.1
DB2 Analytics Accelerator      5697-SAA             Per PVU
 for z/OS, V1.1 S&S

Processor Value Unit (PVU) is a unit of measure by which the program can be licensed. The number of PVU entitlements required is based on the processor technology (defined within the PVU Table by processor vendor, brand, type, and model number and the number of processors made available to the program). Visit

IBM continues to define a processor, for the purpose of PVU-based licensing, to be each processor core on a chip. A dual-core processor chip, for example, has two processor cores.

Instead of the entitlements required for the program directly, licensee must obtain PVU entitlements for this program sufficient to cover the processor cores for the systems on which the resources managed or processed by the program reside.

For details on the PVU entitlements needed for the prerequisite Netezza appliances visit the following website: l

Supporting program details

IBM InfoSphere change date delivery for Netezza

Use limitations: use by principal program

"Use by principal program" means that the supporting program is provided exclusively for use by the principal program. Neither licensee nor any application, program, or device is authorized to directly use or access the services of the supporting program except licensee may access the supporting program to perform administrative functions for the supporting program such as backup, recovery, and authorized configuration.

Basic license

To order, specify the program product number and the appropriate license or charge option. Also, specify the desired distribution medium. To suppress shipment of media, select the license-only option in CFSW.

Program name:  DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS, V3.1
Program PID: 5697-DAA
Entitlement                                  License option/
identifier   Description                     Pricing metric

S017320      DB2 Analytics Accelerator       Basic OTC, per PVU
              for z/OS, V3.1
Orderable supply ID    Language                   Distribution medium

S01731Z                English                    3590 tape

Subscription and Support PID: 5697-SAA

Entitlement                           License option/
identifier   Description              Pricing metric

S017323      DB2 Analytics            Basic MSC, per PVU
             Accelerator              No charge, decline SW S&S
             for z/OS S&S
Orderable supply ID    Language                   Distribution medium

S017322                English                    Hardcopy pub

When upgrading from DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS , V2.1 to DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS , V3.1 customers are entitled to trade-in one blade entitlement for 560 PVU entitlements.

Trade-up terms for IPLA program

Licensees of Replaced Program IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for zOS V2.1 (IDAA V2) with Subscription & Support (S&S) Annual Support Charges (ASC) are entitled to trade-up to Replacement Program IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for zOS V3.1 (IDAA V3). The replaced/replacement programs value metric conversion is specified below.

       Trade-up Value Metric Conversion                         

      Replaced                     Replacement                 
      IPLA and S&S Program         IPLA and S&S Program        
      Program Name Quantity/Value Program Name Quantity/Value
      and SWO      Metric         and SWO      Metric        

IPLA  IBM DB2      1 Blade        IBM DB2      560 Processor 
      Analytics                   Analytics    Value Units   
      Accelerator                 Accelerator  (PVUs)        
      for zOS V2.1                for V3.1     
      5697-SAO                    5697-DAA    

IPLA  IBM DB2      1 Blade        IBM DB2      560 Processor 
      Analytics                   Analytics    Value Units   
      Accelerator                 Accelerator  (PVUs)       
      for zOS V2.1                for V3.1                   
      5697-SAS                    5697-SAA                 

Subscription & Support (S&S) Annual Support Charge (ASC) procedure:

Replacement IDAA V3.1 S&S ASC will be waived up to the anniversary date 1 of the prepaid Replaced IDAA V2.1 S&S ASC.

Delivery services - Custom QuickShip Program

This product is eligible for the IBM Custom QuickShip Program.

Custom QuickShip combines flexible configurations with fast delivery. Customers and Business Partners are able to create product configuration of their choice by using a combination or stand-alone selection of hardware, software, and a menu of additional features, including the option for software preload. The inclusion of feature number 1748 will ensure Custom QuickShip delivery of the complete product configuration or stand-alone order.

The committed response time under Custom QuickShip is six business days from order acceptance by IBM to customer delivery.

Customized offerings

Product deliverables are shipped only via CBPDO, ServerPac, SystemPac® .

CBPDO and ServerPac are offered for Internet delivery in countries where ShopzSeries product ordering is available. Internet delivery reduces software delivery time and allows you to install software without the need to handle tapes. For more details on Internet delivery, refer to the ShopzSeries help information at

You choose the delivery method when you order the software. IBM recommends Internet delivery. In addition to Internet and DVD, the supported tape delivery options for CBPDO, ServerPac, and SystemPac , include:

Most products can be ordered in ServerPac and SystemPac the month following their availability on CBPDO. z/OS can be ordered via all three offerings at general availability. Production of software product orders will begin on the planned general availability date.

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Terms and conditions
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The information provided in this announcement letter is for reference and convenience purposes only. The terms and conditions that govern any transaction with IBM are contained in the applicable contract documents such as the IBM International Program License Agreement, IBM International Passport Advantage® Agreement, and the IBM Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance.


IBM International Program License Agreement including the License Information document and Proof of Entitlement (PoE) govern your use of the program. PoEs are required for all authorized use.

Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance

The following agreement applies for Software Subscription and Support (Software Maintenance) and does not require customer signatures:

These programs are licensed under the IBM Program License Agreement (IPLA) and the associated Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance, which provide for support with ongoing access to releases and versions of the program. These programs have a one-time license charge for use of the program and an annual renewable charge for the enhanced support that includes telephone assistance (voice support for defects during normal business hours), as well as access to updates, releases, and versions of the program as long as support is in effect.

IBM System z Operational Support Services - SoftwareXcel is an option if you desire added services.

License Information form number

License information form number: L-MOES-8VTF56

Document     Product   Product name
form number  number

GH12-6981    5697-DAA  DB2 Analytics Accelerator
                       for z/OS, V3.1

Usage Restriction:

The program's License Information will be available for review on the IBM Software License Agreement website
Limited warranty applies


Limited warranty

IBM warrants that when the program is used in the specified operating environment, it will conform to its specifications. The warranty applies only to the unmodified portion of the program. IBM does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the program or that IBM will correct all program defects. You are responsible for the results obtained from the use of the program.

IBM provides you with access to IBM databases containing information on known program defects, defect corrections, restrictions, and bypasses at no additional charge. For further information, consult the IBM Software Support Handbook found at

IBM will maintain this information for at least one year after the original licensee acquires the program (warranty period).

Program support

Enhanced support, called Subscription and Support, includes telephone assistance, as well as access to updates, releases, and versions of the program as long as support is in effect. You will be notified of discontinuance of support with 12 months' notice.

Money-back guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the program and you are the original licensee, you may obtain a refund of the amount you paid for it, if within 30 days of your invoice date you return the program and its PoE to the party from whom you obtained it. If you downloaded the program, you may contact the party from whom you acquired it for instructions on how to obtain the refund.

For clarification, note that for programs acquired under any of IBM's On/Off Capacity on Demand (On/Off CoD) software offerings, this term does not apply since these offerings apply to programs already acquired and in use by you.

Volume orders (IVO)


Passport Advantage applies


Software Subscription and Support applies

No. For operating system software, the revised IBM Operational Support Services - SoftwareXcel offering will provide support for those operating systems and associated products that are not available with the Software Subscription and Support (Software Maintenance) offering.

This will ensure total support coverage for your enterprise needs, including IBM and selected non-IBM products. For complete lists of products supported under both the current and revised offering, visit
System i Software Maintenance applies


Variable charges apply


Educational allowance available

Yes. When ordering through the program number process, a 15% education allowance applies to qualified education institution customers.

Education Software Allowance Program applies when ordering through the program number process.

ESAP available

Yes, to qualified customers.

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Statement of good security practices
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IT system security involves protecting systems and information through prevention, detection, and response to improper access from within and outside your enterprise. Improper access can result in information being altered destroyed or misappropriated or can result in misuse of your systems to attack others. Without a comprehensive approach to security, no IT system or product should be considered completely secure and no single product or security measure can be completely effective in preventing improper access. IBM systems and products are designed to be part of a comprehensive security approach, which will necessarily involve additional operational procedures, and may require other systems, products, or services to be most effective. IBM does not warrant that systems and products are immune from the malicious or illegal conduct of any party.

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IBM has transformed its delivery of hardware and software support services to help you achieve higher system availability. Electronic Services is a web-enabled solution that offers an exclusive, no-additional-charge enhancement to the service and support available for IBM servers. These services are designed to provide the opportunity for greater system availability with faster problem resolution and preemptive monitoring. Electronic Services comprises two separate, but complementary, elements: Electronic Services news page and Electronic Services Agent.

The Electronic Services news page is a single Internet entry point that replaces the multiple entry points traditionally used to access IBM Internet services and support. The news page enables you to gain easier access to IBM resources for assistance in resolving technical problems.

The Electronic Service Agent™ is no-additional-charge software that resides on your server. It monitors events and transmits system inventory information to IBM on a periodic, client-defined timetable. The Electronic Service Agent automatically reports hardware problems to IBM . Early knowledge about potential problems enables IBM to deliver proactive service that may result in higher system availability and performance. In addition, information collected through the Service Agent is made available to IBM service support representatives when they help answer your questions or diagnose problems. Installation and use of IBM Electronic Service Agent for problem reporting enables IBM to provide better support and service for your IBM server.

To learn how Electronic Services can work for you, visit

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Contact your local IBM representative for the applicable charges.

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing offers competitive financing to credit-qualified customers to assist them in acquiring IT solutions. Offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software, and services, from both IBM and other manufacturers or vendors. Offerings (for all customer segments: small, medium, and large enterprise), rates, terms, and availability can vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization or visit

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Financing from IBM Global Financing helps you preserve cash and credit lines, enables more technology acquisition within current budget limits, permits accelerated implementation of economically attractive new technologies, offers payment and term flexibility, and can help match project costs to projected benefits. Financing is available worldwide for credit-qualified customers.

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All European, Middle Eastern and African countries except Iran, Sudan, and Syria.


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