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IBM United States Software Announcement 213-092
February 26, 2013

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IBM® Application Performance Diagnostics Lite

IBM intends to provide a free downloadable diagnostics tool called IBM Application Performance Diagnostics Lite. Based on the same technology used by IBM Tivoli® Composite Application Manager for Application Diagnostics but without the infrastructure, it is expected that it can be installed in any environment and provide value in less than one hour in most cases. IBM also intends to include a new Eclipse based UI that makes it easy to pinpoint problem spots in the application and helps guide you to the solution in just a couple of clicks.

IBM Automation Control for z/OS®

IBM intends to provide IBM Automation Control for z/OS as a new automation product to help automate the mainframe and to provide high availability for critical IBM z/OS business applications. This product is intended to provide an inexpensive, modern approach to system automation with reduced overhead. Automation Control for z/OS is intended to provide a goal-driven and policy-based approach targeted at smaller mainframe customers for optimizing system performance and simplifying administration.

IBM Tivoli Workload Automation

IBM intends to provide enhanced IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for Distributed and IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS products with several key improvements grouped under the following themes:

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® XE on z/VM® and Linux™

IBM intends to provide monitoring and management support with IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux for the enhanced Single System Image and Live Guest Relocation capability on z/VM .

IBM Log Analytics

IBM intends to provide IBM Log Analytics as a new product to identify problems faster with insight into unstructured data content. Based on IBM's leading big data technologies, this planned offering will enable operations personnel to search, index, and correlate data repositories without single-point consolidation.

IBM SmartCloud Foundation

IBM SmartCloud Foundation is a set of capabilities that helps you more easily build and rapidly scale cloud environments with improved time-to-market, integration, and management.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator is a planned offering that is part of the IBM SmartCloud Foundation family of products.

IBM SmartCloud™ Orchestrator

In today's ever changing business environment, IT is becoming a fundamental business process that allows enterprises to be more effective at delivering solutions to their customers. The cloud paradigm can dramatically increase the speed of delivery of new business services while reducing operational cost and improving quality of services.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator is intended to be an integrated cloud automation platform that is designed to help orchestrate the development, deployment, and management of robust enterprise cloud services for increased business agility, and to accelerate overall time-to-market.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator is planned to provide complete automation of cloud services, supporting infrastructure as well as application and platform services. They are delivered through a self-service portal and completely automated by an easy-to-use workload editor tightly integrated with an orchestration engine. Application topologies are graphically composed in the workload editor and then linked to a wide set of automation workflows built with a sophisticated yet very intuitive orchestrator. This combination is intended to provide maximum speed and flexibility to build and deliver cloud services.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator integrates infrastructure, application, storage, and network automation into a single open and extensible automation platform. IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator is built on open standards and leverage the OpenStack technology, which provides a rich and powerful set of infrastructure features to provision workloads on a cloud environment.

Integration with IBM and third-party tools or adaptation to existing data center processes is planned to be simplified by leveraging a large set of ready-to-use automation packages for an immediate adoption of a cloud delivery model.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator intends to offer two editions:

  1. IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator (Base edition) includes workload provisioning capabilities and the orchestration platform.
  2. IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator (Enterprise edition) also adds integrated monitoring and availability management of the cloud environment, and includes sophisticated performance and capacity planning capabilities. It also provides visibility of the IT costs with features that are designed to measure, analyze, report, and invoice the utilization and costs of cloud computing resources.

IBM SmartCloud Analytics Log Analysis

IBM intends to provide IBM SmartCloud Analytics Log Analysis as a new product to identify problems faster with insight into unstructured data content. Based on IBM's leading big data technologies, this planned offering will enable operations personnel to search, index, and correlate data repositories without single-point consolidation.

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