Announcement Letter Number ZG90-0291 dated October 2, 1990
Europe Middle East Africa - Last Revised on October 2, 1990

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

Customer Letter Section

IBM Announcement Letter No. ZG90-0291 dated October 02, 1990
See final section for details of availability & limitations.


The  IBM  3900  Advanced  Function Printer is a channel-attached,
high-speed, nonimpact, fanfold printer  which  provides  improved
Advanced  Function Printing (AFP). It uses an electrophotographic
printing process on a wide range  of  paper  weights  and  sizes,
printing  at speeds up to 229 pages per minute. Greater effective
throughput is possible using side-by-side or two-up  printing  of
documents.  Print  darkness  exceeds  that of the IBM 3800. A new
controller offers more text at rated speed than the IBM 3800.

(1) (TM) IBM is  a  registered  trade  mark  and  System/360  and
System/370 are trade marks of the International Business Machines


Planned General Availability Date is 3Q 1991.

Limited quantities may be available in 2Q 1991.


   Description                Machine     Model
   -------------------------  -------     -----
   Advanced Function Printer   3900        001


o Full Advanced Function Printing (MVS, VM, VSE)

o High-speed, high-quality fanfold printing at 240-pel resolution
at  speeds  up  to 229 pages per minute with improved darkness of

o Print to perforation capability with roll feed input

o Highly reliable, up  to  16-inch  forms  width  (15-inch  print

o  An  enhanced  version  of the Common Control Unit from the IBM
3825, 3827, and 3835 family of printers that allows more text  at
rated speed than the IBM 3800

o Wide variety of paper sizes and weights

o Small footprint and operational ease-of-use enhancements


Business  Solutions:  The ever increasing competitive environment
of the 90s needs new solutions  to  old  business  problems.  For
example,  customer  statements  and  bills  can  present  to  the
customer additional information personalized  to  the  individual
company  or  family  using  new and innovative graphical formats.
Routine billing can  be  enhanced  with  marketing  data  on  new
services  and  products  and  can  offer  better  explanations of
charges or benefits.  The  IBM  3900  Advanced  Function  Printer
offers these solutions.

One  of  the most important considerations when designing a form,
document, or statement is the information-carrying limitations of
the printing process. The 3900 Advanced Function Printer  removes
many  of  the existing limitations with its wider print width and
ability to print to the perforations.  Graphics  and  images  can
increase  the  information  content. Many customer documents that
deal with money are  automatic  attention  getters;  what  better
place  for  additional  marketing  information. The 3900 Advanced
Function Printer provides more usable space for  information  and
the 3900 Advanced Function Printer and Advanced Function Printing
allow a better and more informative presentation format.

The  printable  area  on the 3900 can be as large as 15 by 16 and
2/3 inches (381 mm by 423 mm). Large form sizes  may  enable  new
applications  such as printing maps, wiring diagrams, or building
plans. A3 paper can be  printed  in  the  portrait  direction  (a
Pre/post-Processor  RPQ and suitable post-processing equipment is

Customer inquiries as to the accuracy of billing charges  can  be
reduced  by more complete descriptions of the items purchased and
billed on the statement. Unusual charges or  higher  than  normal
billing  can be explained by detailing the circumstances that led
to the charge. For example, an unusual  cold  spell  might  cause
record  home heating bills. A statement that compared the average
temperature of the month with previous years and  that  explained
the  rise in fuel costs as caused by the unexpected demand, could
reduce customer inquiries regarding their bill.

Bar codes and  Optical  Character  Recognition  (OCR)  codes  are
useful  since  they  provide  machine-readable  codes with a much
better accuracy than conventional alphabets. These codes are used
in three major ways: for use in turn-around documents, as labels,
and as control information to automate handling of  the  item  on
which they are printed. Much of the accuracy of these codes is as
dependent  on the quality of their printing as the quality of the
reading equipment. Clearly defined shapes with a high contrast or
darkness  compared  with  the   background   are   essential   to
high-accuracy  decoding.  The high print quality and high optical
density (darkness of print) of the 3900 Advanced Function Printer
make usage  of  these  codes  more  practical  as  compared  with
printers of lesser clarity and darkness.

Systems  Management  /  Systems  Handling:  The IBM 3900 Advanced
Function Printer offers  Systems  Management  an  opportunity  to
replace  3800-class  printers  with  a  higher  speed and quality
electrophotographic printer with better reliability and function.
Because  the  3900  Advanced Function Printer handles such a wide
variety  of  paper,  most  existing  fanfold  postprocessing   or
finishing  equipment  can be used with the 3900 Advanced Function
Printer, thus  maintaining  an  orderly  transition  to  the  new
printer. Advanced Function Printing support and the 240-pel print
resolution  will allow compatibility with existing AFP 3800-class
printing applications.

The higher print quality  and  wider  print  width  of  the  3900
Advanced Function Printer offer the potential of reducing in size
many  existing  documents  without  sacrifice of legibility. Such
documents could be printed two or more at a time, side  by  side,
increasing   print   performance   while  reducing  paper  costs.
Accuracy of existing  OCR  and  bar  code  applications  will  be
improved  with  the better print quality and darkness of the 3900
Advanced   Function    Printer    as    compared    with    older
electrophotographic printers.

Operator   productivity   may   be  increased  by  the  auto-load
capability of the 3900 Advanced Function Printer for  most  paper
sizes  and weights; the viewing station will ease verification of
proper print alignment. The excellent  reliability  of  the  3900
Advanced  Function Printer will reduce operator interventions due
to jams and other malfunctions. The operator  panel  will  ensure
prompt diagnosis of printer problems that may occur.

The  small  footprint  of the 3900 Advanced Function Printer will
facilitate machine room layout  and  allow  easy  replacement  of
older fanfold printers.

Investment  Protection:  The  paper-handling  capabilities of the
3900 Advanced Function Printer allows the continued use  of  most
existing  expensive  postprocessing  or finishing equipment. With
the exception of 56 g/m2 (15-lb.) paper stock, most existing 3800
paper stock can be used on the 3900  Advanced  Function  Printer.
The  smaller footprint will lessen the need for expensive machine
room redesign. A majority of the IBM 3800  functional  RPQs  (not
RPQs to remove features) are standard on the 3900.

Growth Enablement: The time gained by performance improvements in
the  printing  engine  and the improved controller can lessen the
burden of month and year-end printing  requirements.  Others  may
find    the   performance   improvements   allow   new   printing

User Productivity: Application developers can continue  to  build
on  their  existing base of Advanced Function Printing knowledge.
3800-trained operators  will  appreciate  the  standard  splicing


The   following   publications  are  shipped  with  the  product.
Additional copies will be available by general availability.

            Title                                Order Number
  -----------------------------                  ------------
  IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer
        Forms Design Reference                   GA32-0137
        Maintenance Information  Volume I        SA37-0200
        Maintenance Information  Volume II       SA37-0201
        Maintenance Information  Volume III      SA37-0202
        Operators Guide                          SA37-0203
        Parts Catalog                            S132-0022

The following publications will be  available  as  indicated.  To
order, contact your IBM representative.

            Title                                Order Number
  ---------------------------                    ------------
  IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer
        Product Description                      GA32-0135 *
        Introduction and Planning Guide          GA32-0136 +
        Forms Design Reference                   GA32-0137 *

+ Available in October 1990 (US/English only)

* Available in November 1990 (US/English only)

SLSS  is available by product number and subject codes. Customers
currently subscribing to SLSS will  receive  publication  updates

Translation  of documentation will be available for the following

                   Intro.                   Forms
                   & Plan.      Prod.       Design      Oper.
                   Guide        Descr.      Ref.        Guide
  French           n/a          n/a        GA11-1010   GA11-0987
  German        GA12-4211       n/a        GA12-4212   GA12-4213
  Italian          n/a          n/a        GA13-1633   GA13-1634
  Japanese    N:GA32-0136    N:GA32-0135 N:GA32-0137 N:GA32-0138
  Spanish       GA10-0421       n/a        GA10-0422   GA10-0423

The operator console supports messages in the following languages
in addition to US English:

     Canadian French


NOTE:  For  all  other  languages,  including  Japanese, operator
messages will be displayed in numeric format.

Translated Safety Instructions, in accordance with Country Safety
Standards, are shipped with the printer.

The IBM 3900 Advanced  Function  Printer  is  fully  enabled  for
printing, and can print any of the available language fonts.


Contact   your  Country  IBM  Marketing  Representative  for  all
applicable course information.




  Width: 2,313 mm (91 inches) to 2,402mm (94 inches)
         dependent on stacker setting.
  Depth: 890 mm (35 inches)
  Height: 1,420 mm (56 inches)
  Weight: 996 kg (2,196 pounds)


  Temperature: 15.6 to 29.4 degrees C (60 to 85 degrees F)
  Relative Humidity: 20 to 80 percent
  Wet Bulb: 23 degrees C (73 degrees F)


For parallel channel attachment, a control  unit  position  on  a
parallel  block  multiplexer  channel is required on an IBM 4361,
4381, 308X, 3090, ES/9370 or ES/9000 processor.

For attachment to ESCON channels  operating  in  ESCON  Converter
Model  1  mode,  an  IBM  9034  ESCON Converter (ESCC) Model 1 is
required. Up to eight parallel channel I/O control units  can  be
multi-dropped  from  one  IBM  ESCON  Converter Model 1. An ESCON
channel operating  in  ESCON  Converter  Model  1  mode  must  be
dedicated  to  each  IBM  ESCON  Converter Model 1. The following
systems support ESCON channels operating in ESCON Converter Model
1 mode:

o ES/3090 180J and above except for Model 250

o ES/3090-9000T models

o ES/9000

The  IBM  3900  Advanced  Function Printer may be attached to the
remote (D01 or D02 unit) end of an IBM 3044 Fiber  Optic  Channel
Extender,  which  can  be  used  to  extend  the standard channel
interface by up to 2000 meters (6,562 feet).  The  following  IBM
processors  are  supported  by 3044 Fiber Optics Channel Extender
attachment (block multiplexer channel):

o 4361 (High Speed Channel attachment is supported only in single
tag interlock mode), 4381, 308X, and 3090.

The IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer may also be attached to  a
Systems  Network Architecture (SNA) network via IBM Token Ring or
a  Synchronous  Data  Link  Control  (SDLC)  line  using   Remote
PrintManager in the MVS environment.


System/370   direct   channel  attachment  requires  one  of  the
following IBM licensed programs to operate the IBM 3900  Advanced
Function  Printer.  Later  programming  releases and modification
levels are supported unless announced otherwise.

o MVS Operating Environment

- Print Services Facility/MVS (5665-275) Version  1  Release  3.0
and its prerequisites or

-  Print  Services  Facility/MVS (5695-040) Version 2 Release 1.0
and its prerequisites.

o VSE Operating Environment

- Print Services Facility/VSE (5686-040) Version  2  Release  1.0
and its prerequisites.

o VM Operating Environment

- Print Services Facility/VM (5684-141) Version 2 Release 1.0 and
its prerequisites.

Remote  attachment  of  the  IBM  3900  Advanced Function Printer
requires the following IBM licensed programs. Later releases  and
modification levels are supported unless otherwise stated.

o MVS Operating Environment

-  Print  Services Facility/MVS (5665-275) Version 1 Release 3.0,
its prerequisites, and

-- Remote PrintManager Version 2.0 (25F5944) or

- Print Services Facility/MVS (5695-040) Version 2  Release  1.0,
its prerequisites, and

-- Remote PrintManager Version 2.0 (25F5944).


Because  of  the  increased  performance  of  the  3900  Advanced
Function  Printer,  customers  may  experience  a   lowering   of
throughput  when  operating  in  remote  environments with Remote
PrintManager Version 2.0 with some applications.


o The IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer is compatible with other
members of the Advanced Function Printing printer family,  except
for inherent hardware limitations.

o  The  IBM  3900  Advanced  Function  Printer uses the Set Media
Origin command introduced with the IBM 3835 to aid  compatibility
with IBM 3800 printing.

o  The  IBM  3900  Advanced  Function  Printer uses only existing
hardware and software attachment interfaces.

LIMITATIONS: The IBM 3900 Advanced Function  Printer  supports  a
maximum  channel  cable  length  of  400  feet  if it is the only
control unit on the interface. For each additional  control  unit
(up  to  a  maximum  of  eight control units) this measurement is
reduced  by  15  feet.  Further   information   regarding   cable
limitations  is in the IBM System/370 General Information Manual-
Installation Manual -- Physical Planning (GC22-7072).

USER  GROUP  REQUIREMENTS:  This   announcement   satisfies,   or
partially  satisfies,  one  requirement  from  one or more of the
World Wide User Group  Communities,  which  include  Australasian
SHARE  GUIDE  (ASG),  COMMON,  GUIDE,  European G.U.I.D.E., Japan

Requirement number: GU224086046 - Improved dark area fill on 3800
class printers.



o  Allocate  the  appropriate  cooling,  ventilation,  space, and
electrical requirements to properly accommodate the 3900 Advanced
Function Printer.

o Ensure availability of the necessary supply items for operation
of the IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer, and  to  replenish  or
replace supplies as needed.

Additional  details for customer planning are included in the IBM
3900 Advanced Function Printer Introduction  and  Planning  Guide
(GA32-0136),  the  Advanced  Function  Printing Software: General
Information (G544-3415), and the IBM System/360, System/370,  and
4300  Processors:  Input/  Output Equipment Installation Manual -
Physical Planning (GC22-7064).

The customer should be aware that whenever the IBM 3900  Advanced
Function  Printer  is stopped, any exposed toner under the fusing
station may appear darker than exposed toner fused during  normal
paper  motion.  Refer  to  the IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer
Introduction and Planning Guide (GA32-0136) for more details.

The 3900 will handle paper 16 and 2/3 inches (423 mm) in  length,
however,  forms  lengths  greater than 14 inches (356 mm) are not
supported by the standard stacker supplied with the product.  The
customer  may wish to consider suitable post-processing equipment
supplied by other vendors for the larger form  size.  Either  RPQ
8B3901 or 8B3902 must be installed to handle 16 and 2/3 inch long

VERSION OF THE IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer.

Power Distribution Systems:  NON-EARTHED  NEUTRAL  and  IMPEDANCE
GROUNDED  NEUTRAL  (respectively  Figure  D and P in the National
Bulletin  N-B  2-4700-037)  are  NOT  SUPPORTED  by  the  50  Hz.
380/400/415  Volt  version  of  the  IBM  3900  Advanced Function
Printer. Installation  on  a  impedance  grounded  neutral  power
system  (IT  Power System) could result in failures of motors and
transformers in the print engine.


Cable Information

All required cables are included in the  purchase  price  of  the
machine/feature.  The IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer supports
a maximum cable length of 122 m (400 feet)  if  it  is  the  only
control  unit  on the interface. For each additional control unit
(up to a maximum of 8 control units total)  this  measurement  is
reduced  by  4.6  meters  (15 feet). The following cables will be
shipped with the printer:

o Two Channel Interface Cables

o Power Sequence and Control Cable

o AC power cable 4.3 meters; without plug

The following cables will be shipped with the Two Channel  Switch
feature (#4020) if ordered:

o Two Channel Interface Cables

o Power Sequence and Control Cable

o Remote Enable/Disable Cable

Consult   your   installation   representative   for   additional
information concerning cables.

INSTALLABILITY: The IBM 3900 Advanced Function  Printer  will  be
installed  by IBM Customer Engineering in approximately 10 hours.
Approximate field installation times for the  following  features
will be:

4020 4.5 hours
4030 2 hours *
4040 2 hours *
8B3901 4 hours
8B3902 4 hours

* For one to four features, installed together.


The  base  ship  group contains items that are shipped as part of
all IBM 3900 Advanced Function Printer orders.   The  ship  group

o Printer engine

o Printer control unit

o Line cord

o Internal cables

o Publications

o Safety instructions

ACCESSORIES  AND/OR SUPPLIES: Choosing the right supplies is very
important for customer satisfaction with the  IBM  3900  Advanced
Function   Printer.   For  optimum  print  quality  and  reliable
performance, the use of IBM supplies is recommended. Supplies are
purchase-only items.

The 3900 Advanced Function Printer is shipped with  a  sufficient
quantity  of supplies to test the printer after installation. The
customer is responsible for ordering and maintaining an  adequate
stock of supplies.

At  the  time  of sale of the 3900 Advanced Function Printer, the
IBM marketing representative must give the customer a list of the
alternative ways to order supplies, inform them to order supplies
immediately, and  suggest  they  establish  a  supply  agreement.
Supply   agreements   offer   customers  price  discounts,  price
protection for one  year,  established  shipping  schedules,  and
reduced  administrative  expenses.  Terms  and conditions for IBM
3900 Advanced Function Printer supplies are the same as  for  the
IBM 3800 and 3835 page printers.

The approximate average yields are not a warranty or guarantee of
minimum  life,  and  are  provided  to assist in initial supplies
planning. Actual usage should be used to establish  the  supply's
life  in  the  end user's application. Many factors (for example,
print coverage  per  page,  paper  type  and  size,  machine  and
environmental conditions) can affect life.

Number          Description

70X7280      Toner

       Unit: 1,360 gram bottle.  Part number represents one
       Packaging: Eight bottles per carton.
       Minimum Order Qty: 24 of P/N 70X7280, which equal
                     3 cartons.
       Average Yield: Approximately 55,000 feet per bottle
                 at 4% print coverage, when used with the
                 Developer Mix.

70X7281      Developer Mix

       Unit:  5  kilogram  bottle.  Part  number  represents  one
       Packaging: Two bottles per carton.
       Minimum Order Qty: Two of P/N 70X7281, which
                    equals one carton.
       Average Yield: Approximately 500,000 to 1,200,000 feet per
                 bottle depending on darkness desired for
                 application, when used with IBM Toner.

6190656      Fuser Oil

       Unit:  1  kilogram  container.  Part number represents one
       Packaging: One container per carton.
       Minimum Order Qty: Two of P/N 6190656.
       Average Yield: Approximately 700,000 feet per container.

70X7243      Oiler Belt

           Unit: One belt.  Part number represents one belt.
           Packaging: One belt per carton.
           Minimum Order Qty:  One of P/N 70X7243.
           Average Yield: Approximately 1,500,000 feet per belt.

70X7244      Fine Filter

           Unit: 1  filter/carton.    Part  number represents one
           Packaging: One filter per carton.
           Minimum Order Qty:  One of P/N 70X7244.
           Average  Yield:  Approximately  6,500,000   feet   per
                         Yield will vary with Toner usage.

4165880      Splicing Tape

           Unit: One carton.  Part number represents one carton.
           Packaging: 72 rolls of splicing tapes per carton.
                      Roll is 45 feet by 1/2 inch.
           Minimum Order Qty:  One of P/N 4165880.
           Average Yield: Dependent on usage.

Warranty  for  all supplies is one year from the date of purchase
stated on the purchase receipt. Supply warranties  are  only  for
defects   in   materials   and   workmanship   at   the  time  of
shipment/installation. They are  not  for  print  count  life  or
normal  wear  and  tear,  nor  for  any  print count minimum. IBM
supplies  are  manufactured  to  very  high  quality   standards.
However, if the customer believes they are due a warranty return,
they  should return the supply in its original package or package
from the replacement supply to their point of purchase.

Supplies can be purchased from IBM Authorized Supplies Dealers or
from IBM Direct.

For paper recommendations see  the  IBM  3900  Advanced  Function
Printer Forms Design Reference (GA32-0137)

For additional information on ordering supplies, see the IBM 3900
Advanced   Function   Printer  Introduction  and  Planning  Guide


Security and auditability  features  of  the  IBM  3900  Advanced
Function Printer are:

o  The  image  on  the  photoconductor is erased after each print

o Data cannot be read back into  the  host  processor  using  the
available channel commands.

o  Data  remaining  in the page buffers cannot be printed because
the pointers are destroyed after the last  copy  of  a  page  has

User  management  is  responsible  for  evaluation, selection and
implementation of security  features,  administrative  procedures
and    appropriate    controls   in   application   systems   and
communications facilities.


Consult your IBM Marketing Representative.



This product is available from IBM under the Terms  &  Conditions
for Purchase.

Rental  under  the Agreement for Lease or Rental of IBM Machines.
Lease is not available.

Rental Plan: C.

Purchase Option Percent: 65 %.

Maximum Purchase Accrual Percent: 30 %.


Term Lease under the IBM  Terms  &  Conditions  for  Term  Lease.
Contact your IBM Marketing Representative for details.


Volume  Purchase  under  the  Terms  &  Conditions for IBM Volume
Discount for IBM Machines and Programs. The IBM 3900 is added  to
Category/Discount Groups D (SSIO-5) in Exhibit 2.


The warranty period is: 3 Months.


IBM offers maintenance services as follows:


On-Site Maintenance under the IBM Maintenance Agreement.

The IBM Service/Exchange Repair Center Amendment does not apply.

Maintenance Charges: Monthly.

Customer Set-Up: No



Educational allowance is applicable.


All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries


The  data  in  this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter
ZS90-0112, which is available from IBM on request.

*****   END OF DOCUMENT   *****

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